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Flemings - Mayfair, London

Our Expert Sheri just sent her client and two children to London for 8 days. They had never been and as a matter of fact, had not ever traveled abroad. Mom and kids were excited, yet a bit concerned about traveling so far from home in a place they had only ever read and dreamed about. Our Expert planned a seamless trip assuring them a great time filled with lots of memories. They stayed at the Flemings - Mayfair which is situated in one of London's most exclusive neighborhoods away from the hustle and bustle and nestled on a peaceful and quite residential street in the heart of Central London. Sheri chose this location due to its close proximity to the sites and attractions her clients wanted to experience. The hotel itself is steeped in history, as it is made up of 6 converted Georgian townhouses and was established in 1851. . They loved the hotel and said the location was absolutely perfect. It is close to Piccadilly, Green Park and other notable London sightseeing opportunities. They always started their day out at the hotel for their complimentary breakfast, compliments of their booking with Luxury Cruise Experts. They even indulged in the English High Tea and enjoyed the assortment of traditional scones with Devonshire cream and other notable English treats. As another benefit of booking with us, they received a 10% discount of all food and beverages. Sheri recommended a Hop On/ Hop Off pass which would allow them to see many different places in a relatively short period of time. This turned out to be the best choice for them as they were able to see the sights and not worry about getting lost or having to find their way around by themselves. It happened to be perfect timing, as the Olympic crowds had gone. As a matter of fact, Sheri's clients mentioned that some of the shop keepers were disappointed that the city was so quiet. The weather was a perfect 73 degrees every day, with very little rain. This client would recommend Flemings - Mayfair to anyone visiting London. The kids are hoping to go back as they enjoyed it so much.

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