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Home Videos & Articles The Savoy Hotel, London, England

The Savoy Hotel, London, England

London is one of the most important cities in the entire world. From its massive economic output in today’s society to the historical landmarks, London has become one of the most popular travel destinations in the entire world. I flew across all of the United States and the Atlantic Ocean to visit this wonderful place just a few short weeks ago.

It wouldn’t be right to stay at any ordinary hotel in such an extraordinary place, which is why I stayed at the Savoy Hotel located on the famous Thames River. Not only has this hotel been visited by world-renowned singer Frank Sinatra, actress Katharine Hepburn and many other stars, its 5-star rating and 125-year-old frame have swayed travelers into staying here since its grand opening many years ago. As if that wasn’t enough, it was formerly a 13th century palace converted into an award winning, 268-room property with a very traditional, yet modern feel. Tea Service, 2 elegant restaurants, 2 bars with sophisticated cocktails, a pool and many other activities and services kept me busy while I relaxed after many long days of sightseeing.

My first day was exhausting because I was on the move all day long. The Thames River, just seconds from the hotel, is a spectacle in and of itself due to its drastic change in depth from high to low tide. It is a must see for any traveler! I then walked to the London Eye, which gives riders a 360-degree view of all of London atop the largest ferris wheel in the world!

Next I was off to Big Ben and the surrounding buildings of British Parliament. These buildings are works of art and I marveled at the mere sight of them while the city was bustling beside me. I then took a double decker bus to Westminster Abbey where I relaxed and toured one of the most iconic gothic churches in the world!

Public transportation in the city is as easy as getting into your car and going where you want at home! Many people I met compared the public transportation to New York because of the ease of getting a taxi, bus, or riding the newly refurbished underground tube! It is cheap and it is the most efficient way to travel while in the city.

The locals are very respectful and well-mannered when asked questions. I asked many people for dinner suggestions and I was given many restaurants where the food was always tremendous. Native, fancy, and desirable are just a few characteristics to describe the restaurants I indulged in throughout my stay. The nightlife is quite active throughout the city due to its dense population, which is awesome for tourists because clubs and bars are modern and social wonders that everyone should experience. The Savoy hotel gave me all of these opportunities because of its tremendous location and it is a must stay when visiting this historic wonderland. When we book this hotel, we enjoy using Journese – Curators of Fine Travel which seamlessly puts the finishing touches on your vacation.

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