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Home Videos & Articles Uniworld River Cruises and a Pre-Cruise Stay in Prague

Uniworld River Cruises and a Pre-Cruise Stay in Prague

Penny Entin cruised the Danube River onboard Uniworld's River Beatrice. She enjoyed the experience tremendously saying, "The cruise was wonderful and is a great way to see that part of the world". She started with a pre-cruise stay in Prague. The best way to see this city is on foot so you can explore the ins and outs of this magical fairytale city. Penny took a day trip to Karlovy Vary, located 90 minutes outside of Prague. This is a spa town where Europeans go to drink the medicinal waters that flow from spigots around the city. The tourists visit a local doctor, purchase a flask and get their samples. All of the spigots flow freely with water from natural springs. Penny stayed at the Hotel Poop, which is a very elegant hotel and attracts many wealthy Europeans. They toured the Jewish Quarter of Prague where they saw a cemetery with the names of the Jewish people who were killed there during the war. They also toured a room with letters written by the children when they were in the camps. Their tour included an evening walk over the Charles Bridge to the castle on the hill where the lights were beautiful and scenic. The second hotel they stayed at in Prague was the Augustine Hotel. This is an old converted monastery where Monks give tours. The cruise was amazing and wonderful. If you travel when the seasons are changing as Penny did, you can see the trees change colors. The cruise ship is small and intimate and allows passengers to get to know each other. They chose to sit with different passengers each night and enjoyed meeting new people. Each night after dinner, there was a show put on by local entertainment brought onboard. The ship itself was beautifully decorated like a 5-Star European boutique hotel. River cruising is becoming more popular than ever. It is a wonderful way to see the countryside, visit many countries on one trip and is a tremendous value.

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