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Home Deals Windstar European Luxury Cruises

Windstar European Luxury Cruises

Enchanting historic towns and cities will entice you to dive into the countryside and engulf the culture in Northern Europe. Windstar Cruises makes it all more pleasurable by bringing the inclusive luxury accommodations with you.

The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark France and England are only a short list of destinations where Windstar Cruises can take you to experience wonders and pleasures of Northern Europe.  Time stands still in some of the historic cities from World War II, iconic windmills, medieval cobblestone paved roads and more.  Special cruises are also available that include complimentary private events such as the SAIL Amsterdam Parade, Canal Cruises, fencing demonstrations and interesting wine tastings.  Enjoy the intimate atmosphere of a smaller ship where the crew greets you by name and you create friendships on board.  Northern Europe has some of the most fascinating sightseeing opportunities you don't want to miss.