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Alaska Tours and Travel

A vacation in Alaska is unlike any other you’ll take. It is a vast natural treasure trove of adventure opportunities, more than 586,000 square miles of endless unchanging scenery, glaciers, wildlife viewing, mountain ranges, tundra and all magically lit by the midnight sun.

Top experiences include Bear Viewing tours, where you can glimpse a few hours in the life of gargantuan grizzlies and their young, flight seeing tours that take you over mountains, glaciers and crevasses that have never been touched by man’s foot; if you’re lucky, witness a sheet of tidewater glacier break off and crash into the ocean below reminding us of the power of Mother Nature, view the rosy band of Alpenglow you may see ringing the mountains in the glow of the midnight sun, view the magical Northern lights on a clear cold night between September and April and of course whale watching is a must. However you shape your Alaskan adventure, you are sure to have the time of your life.