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Culinary Cruises

Foodies take note. Cruising these days affords you an opportunity to experience the ultimate in fine dining. From Celebrity Chefs to cooking instruction and fine wines to good chocolate, this list has something for the foodie in you!

An Adventure in the Galapagos Islands Awaits You

Don't Travel to the Galapagos Islands or Mainland Ecuador without reading this information packed article from our well travelled Expert.

Celebrity Xpedition

More and more travelers are looking for different types of travel experiences, from the exotic to the adventurous. For an unforgettable adventure, the Celebrity Xpedition ship knows how to do the Galapagos Islands right!

Silversea Cruises - a top Choice for Expedition Cruising

If you enjoy adventure and luxury travel, Silversea Cruises is the choice for you! With a fleet of expedition ships sailing from pole to pole, get set to explore the unknown with Silversea!

Galapagos Islands!

Our well traveled Expert goes to the Galapagos Islands and mainland Equador on her latest adventure. Enjoy her experience and get some great tips for traveling.