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Home Videos & Articles 5 Golf Tips to Help Your Game

5 Golf Tips to Help Your Game

Golf fever hits the nation as fans across the world watch the pros show their stuff in the Master's Tournament in Augusta, Georgia. Who is going to win the green jacket and the $8,000,000 prize this year? We've got some helpful tips for those of you who want to golf like a pro, but need a little help. Follow these five tips and you are sure to see improvement on your game. 1- Fuel up - provide your engine the proper fuel before your round. From the moment you wake up, begin with a hearty breakfast and stay energized by snacking on juices and fruit throughout the day. 2- Torque Control - While on the course, always swing 80%. Swinging in control increases consistency and that is the ultimate goal of the game. Take a little extra club and swing easier. 3- Check the Fluids - Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Hydrating your muscles is key, not only for longevity and fighting fatigue, but also to avoid dehydration. Try to drink at least one full cup of water every three hours. 4- Keep Your Body on Cruise Control - Steady does it wins the race. Snack while you are playing, but do not eat big meals. Keeping your energy and nutrition levels up is key to scoring well and playing your best. 5- Tune up - Stretching is the single most important activity you can do before hitting balls. Take a few minutes before your tee time to stretch and warm up your body. When you are ready to hit the links, contact our Experts to put together a golf theme vacation for you. From cruises in Great Britain to advanced golf instruction at Club Med Sandpiper Bay, we have it all.

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