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African Travel Offers Great Family Itineraries

Family travel is the hottest trend these days, and Africa is an outstanding destination for mulit-generational travel. African Travel, Inc. has been working with families traveling to Africa for decades. The following are some great family travel tips and some of African Travel's favorite places - destinations that have great family accommodations, entertaining kid's activities and offer an overall outstanding experience for kids and adults alike. African Travel can create a custom package ideally suited for you and your family that includes this featured itinerary or help you create your own . Wild and Wondrous Family Adventure - This sensational 11-day adventure for families and the young-at-heart combines plenty of face-time with protected wildlife and a thrilling safari with family friendly accommodations, offering all the comforts of home. Get up close with cheetahs, experience "trunk-to-handshakes" with orphaned elephants, sit among the penguins on the Cape Peninsula and look out for whales spy hopping at Plettenberg Bay. Collect a gallery of wildlife photos, and a barrel of fun memories to last a lifetime. Highlights of the Wild and Wondrous Family Adventure include exploring malaria-free Kariega Game Reserve on thrilling morning and evening game drives in search of the Big Five, kayaking and bird watching along the river; discover three kinds of whales and pods of leaping dolphin on an eco-cruise on Plettenberg Bay. You will also experience close up interactions with monkeys, elephants and a myriad of birds protected in special sanctuaries. Learn how the world's fastest land animals are being protected at the Cheetah Outreach. Other great family packages include Southern Africa Through a Child's Eyes, Whales and Wildlife Quest, Kenya Explorer and many others. African Travel specialists have these helpful hints for families traveling to Africa: Always add water! Kids and water are the best vacation mix, so try to make sure there are pools, a beach or somewhere the kids can jump into along the way. Make sure there are a variety of activities and experiences: game drives, horses, bikes, walks, balloon rides, elephant safaris, hikes, inspects, birds, big and small animals. Do as many hands-on activities as possible, such as drumming, bead making and other things. Kids love to use all their senses - what can they touch, ride and feel? Stay in lodges or camps that offer children's activities and programs. Of course, a lodge that has a pool would be best. Grootbos is a good choice, as they have lots of fun and interesting activities for the children, and the activities all involve nature. They can also interact with the local community and watch a soccer match being played by the employees' children. Make sure the safari you select is age appropriate. Walking safaris are usually best for children over 12 and gorilla trekking is best for kids 15 and older. Mara Intrepids is recommended for children accompanying their parents on safari. This family program provides a fun and exciting opportunity for the kids to learn about the wild from Massai naturalists who specialize in plants, wildlife and survival skills. Children will be entertained through various activities and facilities on-site including an obstacle course that portrays the challenges wild animals face. Don't be surprised if your child comes out looking like Mowgli from Rudyard Kipling's story, The Jungle Book. Kids and adults alike will come home with wonderful memories and amazing stories to share.

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