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Home Videos & Articles A Trip to Florence, Italy is a Dream Come True for a Girl Named Florence

A Trip to Florence, Italy is a Dream Come True for a Girl Named Florence

During a conversation with one of my VIP clients, he advised me he would like to give the gift of travel to his longtime secretary, Florence. I had in the past had a conversation with Florence about her "travel bucket list" and learned she was yearning to visit Florence, Italy. She had a desire to be surrounded by the beauty of the great classic art of the Renaissance, as art history was a hobby of hers. It was time to send Florence to Florence. I booked her into the Villa San Michele. A 15th century, former monastery located on a nearby hillside overlooking the magnificent city of Florence. It was perfect for what she was looking for, full of history as well as artistic treasures. From the restored fresco of the Last Supper to the impressive Pietra Serena facade designed by Michelangelo himself, I knew it was the perfect place for her to be. Filled with history, The Villa San Michele was also the spot that Leonardo Da Vinci strapped his 1st experimental flying machine onto his apprentice's back enticing him to jump off the hillside in an attempt to make him fly. The event is marked by several marble plaques along a scenic walkway to the park of Montececeri where guests are greeted by extraordinary views of Florence and the Arno Valley. Florence was also thrilled to find out that the Villa's library at one time, served as Napoleon Bonaparte's headquarters. She also learned that he stole all the monks' books while he was there! Working with the hotel and our travel partners at Signature, I was able to make her stay even more fabulous by having fresh flowers and fruit waiting for her in her room, an upgrade upon arrival and an American buffet breakfast daily. I also added the special treat of a lunch for two at the hotel's restaurant once during her stay. Taking the complimentary shuttle from the Villa into Florence, she visited the Galleria Dell' Accademia where she was able to see the original Statue of David beautifully chiseled by Michaelangelo as well as several of his other masterpieces. Cars are not allowed in most parts of Florence, so the next morning, she also took a walking tour around the city departing from the Pier of Livorno to the famed Museo Dell'Opera Del Duomo; seeing palaces, secret gardens and beautiful Piazzas in-between. One day the attentive concierge at the Villa San Michele arranged a tour of a nearby wine country where she came to love not only the bold wines of the region but the magical countryside of Tuscany. Another day she explored the shops of Florence, purchased beautiful Italian leather goods and indulged in gelato at the famous Vivoli Gelato Shoppe. She even took an Italian cooking class at the Villa San Michele's cooking school, where hands-on lessons are taught by famous Chefs. Florence experienced the trip of a lifetime. She fell in love with Florence, Italy and all her hopes and dreams were fulfilled.

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