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Azamara Club Cruises

This time next week, I will be cruising the South of France on the Journey.  Needless to say, I am beyond excited.  An Azamara cruise has been on my “bucket list” since I started working in the travel industry.

Azamara Club Cruises has always been on the cutting edge of cruising, but I realized it more than ever when I went to a dinner where the President of the company spoke.  They put so much effort and thought into their brand as a whole and really take into consideration what the passengers want.  This is how they came up with their Longer Stays in Port, More Night Touring and More Overnights in Port.  What fabulous ideas these are.  They really give you an in-depth feel of the local culture and history of the ports you visit.  Some of the towns you visit don't even start to get active until late in the evening.

Recently, Azamara has made their Land Discoveries shore excursions even more exciting.  They now offer what is called Insider Access tours, where they take your adventures on shore a step further with a closer look at how the locals live, work and play.  They take you to people’s private homes, villas and farms to experience the culture firsthand.  For those looking for a night on the town, Nights and Cool Places offers an Azamara exclusive after-dinner activity.  Experience the arts, architecture and all of the breathtaking scenery as they take you on a unique journey through the night.

Another great activity that Azamara offers on each voyage is their AzAmazing Evenings.  This is offered free of charge to all guests and includes an exclusive evening in one of the ports you visit.  The one that we will attend is at the Monaco Yacht Club in Monte Carlo.  How could this be bad?  I have heard from past cruisers that these evenings are spectacular. 

I’m sure that our Azamara Club Cruises experience is going to be everything I think it will be and then some! 


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