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Home Videos & Articles Canyon Ranch Health Resort - Tucson, Arizona

Canyon Ranch Health Resort - Tucson, Arizona

You and your traveling partners will enjoy a world of healthy pleasures at the most prestigious and premier health resort in the country.  It is here you can enjoy a plethora of activities including fitness classes, Pilates, yoga, bike rides through the exotic desert canyons and exploring pine-topped mountains.  With over 40 fitness classes offered each day, there are options for everyone at every fitness level.  Have a consult with a top wellness expert.  Dine on delicious and nutritious cuisine, and learn how to cook that way to incorporate the Canyon Ranch Lifestyle into your everyday life.  Your stress will melt away with the most amazing massages and body treatments available.  Let your spirit fly, expand your mind and relax and rejuvenate.

Located on over 150 acres in the Sonoran Desert of Southern Arizona, Canyon Ranch Health Resort was once a large working cattle ranch.  Clean desert air and sunny weather year-round; make this a perfect location for a spa vacation setting, making it possible for year-round outdoor dining, lounging poolside, hiking and biking.

Studies show that fitness is essential for a long and healthy life.  Canyon Ranch offers a large range of activities for everyone to get moving and help them incorporate fitness into their everyday lifestyles.  You will leave the resort with increased energy and a renewed zest for life.  Upon arrival, their top-notch team of exercise physiologists will conduct a fitness assessment for you and customize a program to meet your specific needs.  Certified fitness instructors will help you through your routine, assuring you have safe and effective technique.

Let Canyon Ranch Health Resort be your personal-training destination spa.  You can exercise to condition yourself, lose weight, or both.  Enjoy Pilates and yoga as a great way to de-stress.  Outdoor activities such as biking and hiking get you in touch with the outdoors.

If you have any physical limitations or just looking for something different, try the Aquatic Experiences that Canyon Ranch offers.  Movement in the water is beneficial for anyone, but especially well received for those with any type of physical limitation.

If you are looking for activities outside of the fitness arena, why not try their cooking demos and classes.  What a great way to learn something new and beneficial to your new lifestyle.  They also offer a host of health and wellness services teaching you how to feel your best at any age. 

At Canyon Ranch’s beautiful Health & Healing Center, you can have a personalized physical evaluation as well as a full range of diagnostic services for diabetes, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular disease and sleep disorders.

Canyon Ranch is on the cutting edge on the development of ideas and protocol to maintain vibrancy and health, treat chronic health conditions and prevent illness.  Their health specialists on site include board-certified physicians, licensed therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, exercise physiologists, healing touch practitioners, movement and aquatic therapists, physical therapists, nutritionists and podiatrists.

Your Canyon Ranch vacation stay can be tailored to suit your own personal needs.  It can be intensely active, focused and intentional or pleasurably relaxing.  Their selection of engaging programs guarantees something for everyone. 

Once you book your all-inclusive Canyon Ranch Health Resort stay, a Reservations Specialist will send you a confirmation packet with detailed information on all things Canyon Ranch Tucson.  Approximately four weeks before you are scheduled to arrive, a member of the Canyon Ranch staff will contact you, helping you pre-book your services and helping you plan your stay.

Talk to our Experts today for more information and to book this amazing resort.  Whether you are going with your significant other, extended family or friends; you are sure to leave a different person than when you arrived. 


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