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Celebrity Cruises Food and Wine Themed Cruises

Every Celebrity cruise is a modern luxury vacation, and a large part of that is the culinary experience. The culinary- themed and wine -themed cruises will offer guests a unique, behind the scenes experience and a rare opportunity to get to know the Celebrity culinary team through tastings, dinners and intimate demonstrations. Hosted and developed by the talent behind Celebrity's award -winning culinary program, Celebrity's Excite the Senses Culinary Theme Cruises will kick off with a seven night sailing headlined by Celebrity Master Chef and Vice President of Culinary Operations, the James Beard Foundation Award-nominated Jacques Van Staden. The culinary themed activities at the heart of Celebrity's "Excite the Senses" cruises are designed to appeal to everyone from the novice to the sophisticated oenophile and shines a spotlight on all the elements of Celebrity's culinary experience, from outstanding service to innovative menus to cutting-edge trends and more. Each of the cruises will showcase the various culinary disciplines that Celebrity focuses on - captivate (dining), accentuate (wine, spirits, coffee and tea), and illuminate (entertaining). Each voyage will be led by a member of Celebrity's culinary team, along with partners from Celebrity's award-winning wine and spirits program. "The Excite the Senses" cruises offer even more insight into the amazing operation at Celebrity Cruises, where the food and beverage experience is an essential part of every guests' vacation, and will help them discover ways to enhance not only their palates but also their home entertaining. Activities during "Excite the Senses" Culinary Theme Cruises will range from exclusive dinners in Celebrity's chic specialty restaurants, cooking demonstrations focused on the importance of using locally sourced ingredients, wine tastings, and sessions on how to host unique cocktail parties and afternoon tea. They will also give you ways to enliven holiday traditions with modern twists, tips for creative table settings and more . Celebrity Cruises theme cruises are a wonderful way to enjoy your vacation and take some new skills and knowledge home with you.

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