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Celebrity Xpedition

For several reasons, more and more travelers are looking for different types of travel experiences.  Some of the reasons for this are because they have “been there, done that” and because the internet is helping people understand just how big the world is and all the amazing places there are to go.  The Galapagos Islands have gained in popularity because of these reasons and due to the fact that adventure travel in-and-of-itself is becoming very popular.  Regardless of your age or physical condition, this is the cruise for you!  There are problems, however, if you are wheelchair bound due to the fact that the transition from the ship to a Zodiac (small touring boat) can be difficult.

The reasons why we love the Celebrity Xpedition are endless.  A big reason is because they are all-inclusive.  Yes, they cover it all.  Included in your voyage are accommodations, food, soft drinks and bottled water, coffee and tea service, wine and beer, alcohol, shore excursions and gratuities, all transfers on 10-night packages, round trip airfare from Quito/Baltra/Quito on 10-night packages, snorkeling equipment, park entrance fees and much more.

The ship itself is fabulous.  It is environmentally sound and leaves a very small carbon footprint.  The entire cruise has been optimized to practice the highest levels of environmental stewardship.  For this reason, our future generations will be secure in the knowledge that they will be able to experience the Galapagos Islands in the years to come.

With 100 passengers maximum on the Celebrity Xpedition, it gives travelers an intimate experience.  You get to know your fellow passengers and build friendships with like-minded people.  You can be guaranteed an eclectic blend of passengers, coming from many different countries.

Out of the 50 cabins, there are inside, outside and balcony choices.  Make sure to book early so you can get your first cabin choice.  With these cruises gaining in popularity, the ship is filling up quickly.

This experience is not like the one you get on a typical ocean cruise line.  There are no big production shows entertaining you at night, rather your guides will go over the details of the following day’s activities.  The spa is small, but has plenty of options for massage and other spa treatments.  You won’t be getting lost on this ship!  Speaking of guides, Celebrity Cruises hires educated and experienced guides for The Galapagos Islands.  You are guaranteed to gain knowledge of the islands and the animals that inhabit them.

Lenna Welling, our Expert who has personally been on the Celebrity Xpedition, suggests purchasing the package that includes a pre and post component to the cruise.  It gives you two nights in Quito pre-cruise and one night in Quito post-cruise.  Starting in Quito, gives you a chance to explore this beautiful town and acclimate to the time difference.  After two days there, you and your fellow passengers will fly together, so you are already getting acquainted with the people you will be cruising with.

Our Expert Lenna visited the islands in October.  The weather was perfect for exploring.  On hot days, upon return to the ship after touring, the crew would be there waiting with cold towels and refreshing drinks.  Now that is service!

You are sure to see lots of wildlife including marine iguana, land iguana, giant tortoises, blue footed boobies, red footed boobies and the Galapagos penguins.  Did you know that the Galapagos penguins originally came from Antarctica because of the cold water current coming in from Antarctica?  Get ready to learn lots of other fun facts on the Celebrity Xpedition.

As mentioned, this cruise can be for anyone who is interested in seeing this part of the world.  The tours are broken down into mild, medium and extreme, which helps you decide which may or may not be right for you personally.  If there are certain animals or birds you want to see, make sure to ask our Experts when the best time of year would be for sightings of those particular animals.

You can probably understand just why we love the Celebrity Xpedition ship for expedition cruising in the Galapagos Islands.  If you are interested, contact Lenna Welling for more information.

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