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Exotic Day Trips in Hawaii

Are you looking for an exotic adventure to make your Hawaii vacation even more memorable? We have compiled this list of off-the-beaten-path excursions and day trips. Get ready for a fun and exciting adventure in the water, a sky high adventure in a helicopter and a culinary adventure that is sure to make your taste buds soar. 1- Feel a Hawaiian volcano's heat radiate from its crater as you experience live volcanic activity up close, with nothing between you and the lava! An open-door helicopter ride over a Big Island volcano is the adventure of a lifetime. After the lava warms you up, you will cook back down with breathtaking views of cascading waterfalls before soaring back to Hilo. 2- The Manta Ray Experience is a perfect way to learn about Planktonic marine life. Your group organizer will set up underwater lights shortly after sunset to attract the plankton. Manta Rays are drawn to the area and fed by filtering the plankton from the water using a complex system of brachial filters to ingest and then digest the food. 3- Awaken your senses on this small-group day trip highlighting Maui's best sights, scents and tastes. With your guide, travel to the top of Maui's highest peak at Haleakala National Park and take in stunning panoramic views of the Hawaiian Islands. Then, explore the fragrant lavender fields at the Ali' Kula Lavender farm before touring a winery and sampling some exquisite local wines. Enjoy incredible views along the way as you travel by deluxe limo-van with just a handful of other passengers. 4- Go behind the scenes at Merriman's Restaurant, one of the innovators of Hawaii's regional cuisine. On this unique culinary guided tour, you will visits two farms in the South Kohola district of the Big Island. This small group epicurean adventure culminates with a dinner featuring fresh ingredients from the farms visited earlier in the day. 5- A day trip to Lanai from Lahaina, Maui is a 45 minute scenic boat ride leading you to a little slice of paradise. While on the island, rent a 4x4 and visit The Garden of the Gods where the sand is red and the view is absolutely breathtaking. World renowned golf courses are here for your enjoyment as well as snorkeling, horseback riding, scuba diving, bike tours and much more. These excursions are sure to make your vacation memory friendly. Our Experts love the Four Seasons Resorts of Hawaii and as a Preferred Partner can offer you lots of value added amenities and great rates.

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