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Home Videos & Articles Helpful Tips for Travelers Bound for Europe

Helpful Tips for Travelers Bound for Europe

Preparing for your European adventure ahead of time can alleviate problems during your vacation. Our Experts got together and compiled this list of handy ideas for future travelers. Alleviate any stress by following these simple guidelines. By arranging a few things ahead of time, you greatly increase your chances of having a smooth and enjoyable European vacation. Leave copies of important travel documents at home. This is a good idea for anyone traveling anywhere, not just Europe. Whether in the United States or abroad, you can experience unexpected problems from theft or loss. If you have a copy at home, it is easy for someone to fax or scan those documents to you wherever you are. Make sure you have copies of your passport, travel itinerary, credit cards, railpass, car-rental voucher, cruise documents, hotel confirmations and medical prescriptions. Check your passport. Is it due to expire soon? Some countries may require your passport to be valid for 6 months after your trip is over. Make sure you have the exact specifications for the countries you are visiting. Get it renewed if yours is close to expiring. Also, make sure it is in good condition. Some countries will not grant access if your passport is disheveled or hard to read. Take care of medical business. This includes visiting the dentist and have all dental work done that might become bothersome to you on your trip. Visit the doctor for a check-up. Always make sure you have the correct inoculations for foreign travel. If you use prescription drugs, make sure you pack more than enough with you so you don't run out and always pack them in your carry on when you travel. Always bring copies of any prescriptions in case you run out or lose your medicines. Make a phone call to your insurance company to inquire about your policy's coverage in foreign countries. Our Experts always recommend purchasing travel insurance, which will cover you in the case of an accident or illness. Always look into purchasing travel insurance. This not only covers your medical needs, but can cover lost luggage, missed flights, delays due to weather, and plenty of other things. Make sure you have the appropriate driver's license. Most countries require only your valid driver's license, but countries such as Austria, Italy, Greece and Spain require an International Driving Permit. You can get an IPD at your local AAA. Arrange transportation ahead of time. Make sure you book your international flights and flights within Europe or foreign countries ahead of time. If you have a complicated itinerary, it is always best to use an experienced travel agent to assure you leave plenty of time between flights and to alleviate any confusion. Once you purchase most tickets, there can be large penalties to change them. The best travelers are those who plan ahead. For ease in travel, contact our Experts. With all the exotic travel we book, we are sure to have helpful tips for you and your fellow travelers. With advanced planning and legwork, you are sure to return home with wonderful stories and memories.

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