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It's Wave Season in the Cruise Industry

The cruise industry's "Wave Season" takes place between January and March and is when cruise lines showcase their very best extra-value offers for the year to come. Many cruise lines offer major sales during this time period. Your cruise Expert will help you take advantage of these offers and find the one that is just right for you. Historically, a large percentage of cruise travelers book their vacations at sea in the first months of the New Year. This is a combination of the hectic holiday season behind us, an empty calendar for the new year, new year's resolutions and chilly weather bringing up thoughts of sandy beaches and tropical dreams. To capitalize on this cruise state of mind, cruise lines offer extra incentives. Travel consortias jump on the band wagon too, offering double whammies for travel agencies affiliated with a travel consortium. Being part of the Signature Travel Network allows our office to combine cruise line offers with our offers and the resulting in tremendous value for our clients. If you are looking for dirt cheap cruises, Wave Season is not for you. Most times, the best way to pick up a cruise for a rock bottom price, is to book last minute. If you are flexible with your dates, you can take advantage of last minute deals. However, most of the population needs to know when they are traveling and how long they will be out of the office or work. Families with children need to plan around school holidays and vacations. This is where our Experts can really work their magic with cruise buyers. If you are thinking of a cruise vacation, now is the time to act on it. Gather your family and/or friends to talk about potential dates, locations, what type of cruise experience you want and budget. The next step is to contact our Experts and get some great deals with value added amenities. Then it's time to get ready for your fabulous cruise vacation!

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