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Home Videos & Articles Journese Expands Their Collection in Europe

Journese Expands Their Collection in Europe

Whether you are looking for a tropical vacation, cultural experience or adventure, Journese will have a property that you will love. They offer luxurious high-end properties around the globe. As the luxury brand of Pleasant Holidays, Journese constantly surpasses expectations and proves unforgettable journeys. In an effort to expand their portfolio to include European properties, Journese has added many beautiful and luxurious properties in France, London and Italy. Be one of the first to experience their European collection, now including more than 65 hotels and villas, all transportation options, and 40 unique experiences, ranging from a cooking class in Siena or champagne tasting in Reims. Let the white sands and pristine blue waters welcome you to Hawaii with the revitalizing Aloha spirit. Find peace and harmony as you are pampered with exotic body treatments in luxurious world-acclaimed spas. Discover a colorful world under water and visit breathtaking waterfalls, lush tropical valleys, and majestic volcanoes. Immerse yourself in friendly island culture. Experience an authentic luau, learn to hula, shop in indigenous villages, sail to private beaches and watch traditional cliff diving. Revitalize with a round of championship golf, snorkel through clear waters, kayak along pristine beaches, ride horseback to a waterfall, and swim with sea turtles. Or simply relax with an exotic tropical drink and take in your own private ocean view. Turquoise waters and expansive beaches await you in Mexico with a world of all-inclusive extravagance. Sail along calm waters, snorkel through colorful reefs, or take a memorable swim with playful dolphins. Warm and friendly concierge service will attentively pamper you. Opt for invigorating adventure or decadent relaxation, and then indulge in savory cuisine, tropical cocktails and serene ocean sunsets. Rich history is tucked into every corner, ready to be discovered by travelers desiring to experience another culture and world. The Caribbean offers Azure waters, white sand beaches, secluded coves, and extraordinary reefs. Unique activities are waiting whether it be diving or surfing, championship golf or a romantic night cruise. Immerse yourself in charming island culture while time slows to tranquility. Create unforgettable memories and soak in majestic views of volcanic mountains, cascading waterfalls, and turquoise waters. In Tahiti, overwater bungalows with breathtaking panoramic views of azure waters, lush greens and crisp blue skies will captivate you and replenish your soul. Pamper yourself at world-class spas and indulge in superb island cuisine as you immerse into warm culture and a surreal realm of idyllic relaxation. Explore secluded coves and islets, spectacular mountain views, and clear waters full of colorful sea life and elegant coral reefs. Discover Tahiti, a place like no other. Visit Fiji and the Cook Islands where exotic flowers intoxicate the air and clear waters beckon for exploration. Escape from the world's bustle to unspoiled lagoons, garden bungalows, red earth valleys, and romantic beaches. Gracious islanders will warm your stay in this tropical paradise of relaxation. Enjoy unparalleled service as you indulge in gourmet cuisine, exotic cocktails and lavish body treatments in a verdant setting that promotes healing and rejuvenation. Journey to the heart of Italy and discover rich European culture at its best. Explore the mysteries of ancient Rome's Colosseum and Palatine Hill, take a gondola ride through Venice, or visit an exquisite art museum. Decadent cuisine, pampering spa treatments, and gracious service wait in a land of warm tradition and chic elegance. From fine wine tasting and intimate cafes to charming lagoons, find yourself captivated by Italy's simple allure, exhilarating history and welcoming ambience. The vast lands of Australia offer the savvy traveler everything from unique rock formations and red sand deserts to ancient rainforests and beautiful islands. Snorkel through incredible coral reefs, meet koalas and kangaroos, and stroll along lush hillsides. Rich culture and captivating history abound both in city life and nature. Learn about the Aboriginal culture, enjoy a fine show at the Sydney Opera House, or browse through an eclectic museum. Experience Australia's vibrant nightlife and world-class wineries, and dine along the picturesque shorelines. New Zealand has green fields and majestic mountains that provide the perfect backdrop for romance or peaceful relaxation. Enjoy a glass of unsurpassed wine on a scenic dinner cruise or a martini among enchanting sculptures at a famous ice bar. Kiwi hospitality is known throughout the world for its unique warmth and charm. Enjoy smiles, exquisite cuisine and world-class service throughout your stay in this unique country and culture. In Costa Rica, tropical rainforest and protected reserves of rare foliage abound in a natural paradise. Discover the exotic wildlife, lush parks and intricate waterways that this rich destination offers. Rejuvenate with a hydro-massage in a healing hot spring or pamper yourself with exceptional body treatments among lush foliage and fragrant flowers. Venture into a jungle or river to soak in the sights of monkeys, iguanas, tropical birds and colorful butterflies, and take photos you never thought you'd capture. Journese offers this and much, much more. It's no wonder our Experts use them time and time again to help put vacations for their clients together.

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