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Home Videos & Articles Let Air Tahiti Nui Take you on a Romantic Get-A-Way

Let Air Tahiti Nui Take you on a Romantic Get-A-Way

Air Tahiti Nui launches new cabin configuration to its airplanes that includes an all new entertainment system. Experience their flights to Tahiti and Paris. ATN operates a fleet of five A340-300 aircraft fro its Tahiti base to Auckland, New Zealand, Tokyo, Japan, Paris and Los Angeles. It code shares with a number of carriers including Air France, Japan Air Lines, Quantas, Air New Zealand and American Airlines and the SNCF rail system in France to 37 additional cities. The highlight of their new cabins is the inflight Enterainment System, which features an "on demand" access to a selection of 25 movies and 24 television programs, as well as games, magazines and music on every round trip journey. Other amenities to the system include channels for children and families as well as a Tahiti focused channel. This special channel gives passengers a taste of their upcoming vacation in the beautiful islands of Tahiti which allows them the ability to enjoy the destination from the moment they stop onboard. With the introduction of the new cabin configuration, the airline will phase out its Poerave First Class service as well as their other 2 trdditional classes of service. ATN will now offer 2 service classes including an enhanced and expanded Poerava Business Class and an upgraded Economy Class Moana. All aircraft seats and interiors will be updated and replaced. ATN expects to achieve a fuel savings through the installation of the new lightweight seats. This will reduce 3,700 kilos of weight per flight. Poerave Business Class will be increased in capacity from 24 seats to 32 seats. The new Business Class will provide more space and personal room for passengers. This includes a 60 inch seat pitch while continuing to provide a two by two by two configuration, offering passengers a choice of only aisle and window seating. Economy Class Moana will feature new comfortable lightweight seats while retaining the popular two-for-two seating configuration. ATN economy class seats have always been wider than the airline industry standard. These seats will offer an 18 inch width and an average 32 inch pitch. The color scheme reflects the stunning charm and beauty of Polynesia, which is synonymous with Air Tahiti Nui. The aircraft will start to appear in service from mid-April with three of the planes updated in early June. They will initially be operated on the Los Angeles and Paris routes. When you combine this comfort with the comfort of a 5-star luxurious property in the Journese, Curators of Fine Travel portfolio, you will create the vacation of a lifetime.

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