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Miraval Wellness Resort, Tucson, Arizona

Miraval Resort & Spa in Tucson, Arizona is a luxury wellness resort dedicated to opening eyes, mind and hearts.  Miraval’s focus on sustainable living, casita-style guest accommodations and the spectacular new life in balance spa are consistently recognized by SpaFinder, Travel+Leisure and Conde Nast Traveler year after year.

During your stay at Miraval, take part in yoga, meditation and fitness classes, enjoy wellness lectures and workshops with their team of specialists, savor award-winning cuisine, challenge yourself on their high ropes course, and enjoy the beauty of the Sonoran desert with hiking, mountain biking, and rock climbing.  Miraval offers more than 90 different complimentary activities and classes to choose from every week.  Each experience they offer incorporates the Miraval Life in Balance philosophy. 

Some of the activities are fee-based, while most are included in your stay.  If your package includes a nightly resort credit, you may apply it to any fee-based offering. 

Art and photography are integral parts of Miraval.  To truly get in touch with your inner-self is to let your creativity show through.  Grab a glass of wine and enjoy a stroll that showcases their ever-changing art collection.  Dozens of nationally-recognized as well as up-and-coming artists have works displayed throughout the resort in all mediums and styles.  This one-hour offering guided by their talented staff is truly interactive.  IT is geared for art-lovers of all experience levels.  Hear the inside stories about the art, the artists, and the techniques used to create the pieces.  A truly mindful activity.  This and so many other activities are waiting for you to release your creativity.

As nutrition and the culinary arts are an integral part of Miraval’s Wellness Plan, they offer many seminars and hands-on classes to expand your knowledge and guide you towards a healthy lifestyle.  Some of the choices they are offer are 6 Tips to Master Your Metabolism, the Anti-Inflammatory Kitchen, color me Healthy With Colorful Foods and More.

The spa is all about techniques that bring peace, tranquility and health to your life.  Abhyanga resorts balance to the body with an ancient healing massage.  Herb-infused oils are gently warmed and lightly massaged into the skin using soothing friction strokes.  As the oils penetrate the skin, toxins and impurities are loosened, reducing muscle tension and calming the nervous system.  Their Herbal Body Balancing is designed to restore natural harmony to the body.  This treatment begins with an Abhyanga massage, gentle pressure that detoxifies the skin and calms the nervous system.  To further encourage balance, they apply essential oils to your marma points, vital points on your body that calm the mind and body.  They close this treatment with a warm wrap to promote detoxification and improve circulation.  The Shamana-Karma is inspired by the Ayurveda healing rituals dating back thousands of years.  The Shamana-Karma is created to purify and boost its recipient’s immunity and spirits.  The traditional South Indian karma or treatment begins when you inhale the steamy scents of lemongrass, mint, nutmeg and clove in the treatment room, engaging your senses.  A curative blend of coconut, ginger and rosemary oils are massaged into the skin using an authentic Vashesh or deep tissue technique. 

Miraval Wellness Resort is a one-of-a-kind experience.  Whether it is a girl’s get-a-way, multi-generational or romantic vacation, it is sure to please everyone.



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