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Home Videos & Articles Our Experts and Classic Vacations Make a Winning Combination!

Our Experts and Classic Vacations Make a Winning Combination!

When putting luxury vacations together, oftentimes our Experts will use wholesalers to help organize the trip. Our longstanding and rewarding relationship with Classic Vacations is why we use them often. We have exclusive packaging options that result in great value and convenience for our clients. The combination of Classic Vacations and our Experts is a winning one! Our readers know a lot about our company, but might not be familiar with Classic Vacations. Here, we give you a brief overview to help you understand what they do and how it benefits us and you, the traveler. Classic Vacations tailors luxury vacations to meet a traveler's specific needs and saves you hundreds of dollars. Whether your next vacation is to Mexico, Hawaii, the South Pacific, the Caribbean or Europe, Classic Vacations and our Experts will organize every detail to make sure you have the vacation you have always dreamed about. You deserve the absolute best. Classic Vacations is committed to working with our Experts to provide you with the best possible vacation experience. Luxury travel agents count on Classic Vacations to deliver world-class accommodations, exceptional privileges and unparalleled service for their clients. That is the Classic difference. Simply put, it is the difference between a good and a perfect vacation. With Classic Vacations, our Experts can give you a world of privileges. With access to a host of unique benefits, services and attractions, you will enjoy preferential treatment throughout your vacation. Whether it is a best-in-category hotel room, a last-minute appointment at a luxury spa, or tee times at world-class golf courses, you will have an inside track to the best of everything. Our Experts will make sure you receive VIP treatment throughout your vacation. Our Experts and their customer service team are committed to making sure every detail is absolutely perfect. Representatives are available 24/7 if a problem should occur. No matter what your needs are, from last-minute itinerary changes to a simple re-confirmation of your travel plans, no request or issue is too big or too small. Discover a world of luxury, exclusive privileges, and exceptional travel. Classic Vacations and our Experts are ready to put the perfect vacation together for you, the discerning traveler. We can handle your individual or group travel, family or family reunion. Let us help you put the perfect package together today.

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