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Home Videos & Articles Our Expert Visits the Island of Lana'i, Hawaii

Our Expert Visits the Island of Lana'i, Hawaii

Part 2: After spending six glorious days at The Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea, it was time to leave for the island of Lana'i. After a nice breakfast at the hotel and a quick conversation with the concierge, we were ready to start the next chapter of our journey. Again, we were pleased that we choose Classic Vacations to put our vacation together as they arranged for us to drop the rental car off at a satellite Hertz office instead of having to go all the way back to the airport and take a taxi to the ferry. The drive from Wailea to Lahaina is about 45 minutes with no traffic. If you are going to take this drive, allow more time just in case there is traffic. You never know and it is a one lane highway. Allowing extra time also gives you the chance to pull over and enjoy the beautiful scenery. There are some amazing beaches along the way and you will want to take some pictures. The car rental return process in Lahaina took no more than five minutes and there was a shuttle waiting for us when we were ready to go. A short five minute drive and we were in the heart of Lahaina, a cute and touristy little area with lots of shops and restaurants. We shopped for some souvenirs and had a nice lunch at a restaurant overlooking the ocean. The ferry dock is easily accessible and is located in Lahaina, Maui. It is a small boat, holding about 50 passengers. The crossing to Lana'i is about 45 minutes and is an easy ride. I don't believe it would be a problem for people who are prone to sea sickness, as it is a pretty smooth ride. The concierge gave us a helpful tip and said to make sure to sit on the right side going and the left coming back. They said this keeps you out of the bright sun for the whole ride and they were right. It was a perfect ride over to the island. It is so beautiful and peaceful being on the water and seeing the island approach in the horizon. I will just start by saying; I cannot express how much I loved the island of Lana'i. In my opinion, it is the perfect vacation spot. There are very few people residing on the island and only three hotels. There is plenty to do during the day, but it is very quiet at nighttime. You have to be the type that wants a nice dinner and then back to your hotel for a nightcap or bedtime! My contact at The Four Seasons Resort at Manele Bay picked us up at the ferry and took us for a drive and site inspections of both hotels. The drive to The Four Seasons Manele Bay is only about five minutes and The Four Seasons Lodge at Koele is about 15 minutes from Manele Bay. The Four Seasons Resort at Manele Bay is my new favorite hotel! Once you turn in from the main road, you can tell you have entered a Four Seasons property. You drive past the well maintained landscaping and embark upon a circular driveway with a beautiful building behind it. When you enter the light and bright lobby, you are immediately greeted by a beautiful view of the resort pool and the ocean beyond that. I didn't want to move from that spot. The check in process is a breeze and after that, you are off to your room. The hotel is small, so it is easy to find your way around. They do have elevators for convenience, but you can always get to your room via the meandering walkways. There are beautiful ponds and waterfalls everywhere. It is absolutely breathtaking. Our Deluxe Ocean View room was spacious and airy, the bathroom was large and the view was perfect. We were comfortable leaving the window coverings open all the time since it was a very private area. There was a patio opening to a grassy area overlooking the ocean. Absolutely perfect!!! The first night we had dinner at The Lodge and the meal was delicious. We absolutely felt like we were in the mountains at a cozy resort. The dining room is in the lobby and there are fireplaces and hard wood floors adding to the charm. Every Friday night there is a local band that comes to play music and basically the whole town convenes here to enjoy the entertainment. Don't be surprised if you surprise yourself and get up and dance! We also had an amazing meal at the steakhouse at Manele Bay. Absolutely delicious meal and the view is spectacular as it is located on the second level and overlooks the resort pool and the ocean. The service is fabulous as it is everywhere at the resort. The wine list is very compressive and there is something for everyone. One of my favorite parts was when you are lying at the pool, the attendants come by and spray you with Evian to cool you down, give you cucumber slices for your eyes and mango and fruit freezes to refresh you. I felt completely relaxed and pampered. Of course, when the sun got too hot, they put the umbrella up for us. Food service and drinks are always available around the resort pool. The Lodge is an amazing property. It is inland, so there is no view of the ocean. It makes you feel like you are in a lodge in the mountains and all the rooms are very cozy. The suites are beautiful and spacious. The property offers golf, croquet, a koi pond and many places to sit and reflect. There are cute little spots everywhere with lounge type furniture to curl up and read or just relax. There is also horseback riding available for those interested. One thing you must do when you visit the island, is rent a 4 wheel drive and take a tour of the island. You must, must go to The Garden of the Gods. It is about a 20 minute drive and once you are there you will see red lava rocks that resemble the surface of the moon. In the distance, there is a beautiful view of the ocean. It is absolutely breathtaking. We took some pictures and explored on foot a little. It is very windy and a bit cold, so be prepared with a sweatshirt. Also, the ladies should remember to wear a hair tie. You also want to dress very casual as you will get dusty and a bit dirty. I was also glad I wore sandals with a tennis shoe type bottom on them. A few more miles (a pretty rough road) and you embark upon a deserted beach that stretches out for many miles. This is a place to take your towel and a picnic lunch. Enjoy your time here on the beach, not the water. The surf is a little rough and not recommended for snorkeling or swimming. There are no lifeguards and no other people around. The beauty of this beach will be etched in my memory forever. A trip to the town on Lana'i is also very fun. It is basically two city blocks and is situated around a park. There are a few businesses there and a couple of restaurants. It is very small and intimate. We had a delicious breakfast at one of the local places, which was also the party rental store for the island. You will notice that the senior center is also the DMV and the auto parts store is also the general store. It is a very simple town and not fancy, but very charming in its own way. The locals are very friendly and eager to serve you. Lana'i is a perfect location for a romantic getaway. It is also a wonderful place for families and I would bring my kids back there for sure. There is so much to explore and do during the day. We stayed there for three days and I would recommend at least that and probably more. If you want the beach, you must stay at The Four Seasons Resort Manele Bay. If you are looking for more seclusion and a cozy and different atmosphere, stay at The Lodge at Koele. There is a shuttle running between the two resorts and you can use the facilities at either hotel regardless of which one you are staying at. The prices are slightly lower at the Lodge. We had a wonderful vacation and would do this same itinerary again. Whether you are planning a family or multi generational vacation or a romantic one, I would be happy to assist you with your travel needs. If you are planning on a honeymoon, look no further!

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