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Private Yacht Charters in the Mediterranean

Have you ever dreamed of cruising the Mediterranean on a private yacht? This dream can be yours when you book a private yacht experience from Classic Vacations through Luxury Cruise Experts. When it comes to options, there are many to choose from which give you the opportunity to custom tailor your vacation to exact specifications. Classic offers: motor vessels, luxury yachts accommodating a minimum of 78 guests in 39 cabins, mega-yachts that accommodate a minimum of six guests in three cabins, and motor sailors which are power yachts styled after traditional fishing boats and accommodate a minimum of six guests in three cabins. They also offer sailing yachts, powered by sails on a single hull, accommodating a minimum of six guests in three cabins and catamarans that are powered by sails on multihulls, accommodating a minimum of eights guests in four cabins. Whichever private yacht you choose, you can cruise to your dream destination. The Greek Islands beckon with charm and diversity and Croatia offers pristine beaches. The French Riviera is a jet setter's playground and the Italian Riviera is delightfully picturesque. Turkey's Turquoise Coast offers deep blue waters. A sample 12-day itinerary in Greece is The Cyclades, one of the most popular yacht destinations for good reason. They offer beautiful sandy and pebble beaches combined with great archaeological sites, white sun-bleached houses with blue trim, stunning views, gorgeous sunsets, and charming handcrafted gifts made by local artisans. On day 1 you will cruise from Athens to Kythnos, a quiet island with beautiful beaches, and picturesque villages. On day 2 you visit Serifos, known for its traditional whitewashed buildings, local food, and relaxed atmosphere. Day 3 is spent exploring Milos, an island of clear blue waters, sandy beaches, and underwater caves. Day 4 gives you a chance to discover why Folegrandos is often called "Greece's most beautiful undiscovered island". Day 5 is time to visit Santorini, the most famous Greek island, with unmatched vistas and sunsets. Day 6 is a trip to Ios, a picturesque island with a multitude of cafes and restaurants, plus beautiful sandy beaches. Day 7 you visit Paros, with its whitewashed buildings and exquisite beaches, ideal for windsurfing. Day 8 is spent in Delos, called the brightest island and is a sparkling gem of classical Hellenic culture. Day 9 is spent in Mykonos, a beautiful island of contrasts, beaches, and nightlife. Spend day 10 in Tinos, which is known for religious pilgrimages, because of the Panagia Evangelistria Church with its reputedly miraculous icon of Virgin Mary that it holds. Day 11 is spent in Kea, once a private stronghold and is now a charming island paradise and Pot of Korisos. On day 12 you leave the lovely island of Kea to cruise back to the glorious and historic city of Athens. For those wanting to cruise the French Riviera, try the 9-day St. Tropez itinerary. Each resort on the Cote de' Azur offers its own unique charms. The fabled Mediterranean Coast strip attracts jet setters to its blue waters and sunshine nearly 365 days a year. On day 1 you cruise to St. Tropez, a hot spot for sunbathing and water sports with over 30 beaches to explore. Day 2 you visit Cannes, one of the Rivera's best-known cities, famed for its trendy boutiques and white-sand beaches. Day 3 you will head to Antibes, which boasts miles of beaches, beautiful gardens, and a renowned Picasso museum. Day 4 is cruising to Nice, known for its great cuisine and waterfront promenade. Day 5 has you exploring Cap-Ferrat, a favorite of those seeking tranquility and remarkably unspoiled beauty. Day 6 you will cruise to Monte Carlo, the casino playground of the rich and famous. Day 7 visit Villefranche-sur-Mer, a small harbor town with pebbly beaches, excellent restaurants, and many shops. Day 8 is spent in Iles des Lerins, two tiny forested islands in the bay of Cannes, known to have been inhabited by early Romans. Day 9 is back to St. Tropez, the former fishing village turned prime destination for the world's wealthy jet setters. There are also other sample itineraries including 9 days in Naples, Amalfi Coast. The beauty of the Amalfi Coast is best admired from the sea. You will view stunning vistas and scenic facades, and make onshore excursions to the most charming seaside villages. There is also an 8 day itinerary in Croatia, on the Dalmatian Coast. Croatia's lower Dalmatian Coast is a fascinating blend of Greek, Roman, and Venetian cultures. The area boasts charming towns, mountains, great beaches, and historic Roman ruins. You can feel comfortable knowing that chartered yachts featured are licensed and meet strict safety regulations set by local and national authorities. Charters are for a minimum of three days in low season and seven days in high season. Most yachts include snorkel gear, fishing equipment, and water skis. These yachts are available for charter from April to October. Some yachts will be equipped with Wave Runners or Jet Ski watercraft. Don't delay your once-in-a-lifetime dream vacation on your own private yacht. Contact an Expert at Luxury Cruise Experts today and let us book your yacht!

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