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Recent Expert Travels

Our Luxury Cruise & Vacation Experts are true travel professionals. Part of their job is to travel far and wide and bring back their experiences to help craft vacation experiences for their clients. Sometimes awe inspiring and often life changing, these trips become a part of the collective experience we share with you. Here are snap shots of 5 recent trips. #5 - Northern Chile If you are an adventure lover like our Expert Monica, you will enjoy Northern Chile. There are many beautiful places to hike and enjoy outdoor activities. Monica enjoyed activities in the afternoons where you watch the sky turn many beautiful colors as the sun sets on the horizon. During her all-inclusive 5-day package, she toured through the area known as San Pedro de Atacama. This appropriate name means "valley of the moon" as the surface of this region resembles the surface of the moon. It is also the driest desert in the world. The accommodations were simple and had no televisions or telephones. The regional cuisine includes fresh seafood, meat dishes, plenty of corn and locally grown vegetables. The wines served are from local vineyards and pair nicely with the food served. This area is known for its mysticism and is a place of spiritual awakening for many travelers. #4 - Abudabi and Dubai Home of Ferrari World and vending machines dispensing gold bars, these destinations are over the top. Abudabi and Dubai are our Expert Starr's favorite places in the world. The hotels are glitzy, the cuisine is global and shopping there includes stores by every major designer. The malls even offer entertainment and dining. The architecture is spectacular and everything is state-of-the-art. #3 - Africa When our Expert Jodi went to Africa, she was on a quest to learn about the culture and the people. Getting to know the people was wonderful as they are kind and beautiful. They are poor, sometimes walking without shoes to protect their feet from the elements. They were always pleasant and open about sharing stories of their families and lives there. Jodi visited a children's orphanage in Rwanda, went gorilla trekking in Uganda and visited Dian Fossey's gorilla orphanage where they learned about the history of gorillas. She stayed at the Hotel des Mille Collines (from the movie Hotel Rwanda), swam in the pool where people were killed, and learned the history of the genocide and how it affected the population. #2 - Peru and Machu Picchu Talk about adventure! A canopy walk, jungle expeditions, the tree house experience, and an Amazonian cruise are all highlights of our Expert Liz's trip to Peru. Her group stayed in lodges where the furniture is carved out of tree stumps and the only lighting is by lantern. Raving about Machu Pichu, Liz says, "This should absolutely be on everyone's bucket list. Words cannot describe the magnitude and sheer size of this place". #1 - Regions of Italy In Rome, our Managing Partner Susan enjoyed her after-hours private tours of the Vatican and the Coliseum. The private tours allow you to go at your own pace and skip the crowds. She enjoyed the hilltop tours of Tuscany, biking though the rolling hills and viewing the beautiful paintings, sculptures, frescoes and architectural masterpieces that they are so well known for. The Amalfi Coast is a perfect location for weddings as the view of the coast is breathtaking. Susan also raved about her experience at the cooking school, preparing the regional dishes and then dining al fresco on a terrace overlooking the ocean below. Another favorite spot of Susan's in the region of Umbria is Orvieto. This is a town that is 3,000 years old and is steeped in history. To learn more about the experiences our Experts had, or to discuss how to have a similar experience yourself, contact a Luxury Cruise & Vacation Expert today.

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