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Regent Seven Seas Navigator

Our very accomplished travel agent, Jean Kornbluth, has traveled extensively throughout her many years in the travel business and here she recalls one of her most memorable trips. It was a 12-night Regent Seven Seas Cruise from Sydney, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand with a pre-cruise stay at the Great Barrier Reef. The first stop on her 3 day Great Barrier Reef adventure was on Heron Island. This is not a luxurious island experience, but it is so breathtakingly beautiful. They took a Ranger tour at sunset, when there was a low tide. This included actually taking a walk to the reef. It was incredible in the fact that you are right there on the reef. If you are not extremely careful, you can actually hurt yourself on the reef. You can see the floral growth up close, the coral growth and all the fish swimming in the area. She saw a baby shark that actually followed her around while she snorkeled. All the while, they learned the history of the island from the Ranger. They ended the tour with a glass bottom boat ride where you get another perspective of the ocean and reef. A great experience for children and adults of all ages. The next stop was The Four Seasons Resort in Sydney, Australia. Here they toured Darling Harbor and the aquarium that showcases the local marine life. Her favorite part was walking through a tunnel and watching the fish swim above and below her. After all of this land fun, it was time to board Regent Seven Seas Navigator. The capacity of this ship is 500 passengers and is certainly luxury cruising at its finest. The service is personalized and you are well taken care of in every aspect. The crew is personable and attentive without being obtrusive. They seem to know what it is you need before you even have a chance to ask. All around the ship, there are little intimate spots to gather and talk or take some quiet time and write in your journal. The cabins are spacious and the bathrooms have separate showers and bathtubs. There are even walk in closets in each stateroom. The food is excellent, prepared in a gourmet style . While cruising through Queenstown, New Zealand they experienced a very bad storm with 20 foot waves. Fifteen boats in the area capsized and there were no problems on this one. Not even one passenger with sea sickness. This is a true testament to the Captain and his crew. In Melbourne, Australia they toured on their own as it is very easy to get around. They ventured through the Victoria Market, where they bought items at the flea market and had a wonderful lunch. In Tazmania, they toured old homes and saw how the sheepdogs were trained for service. Regent Seven Seas Cruises will always be a favorite of Jean's. She sells this line often to couples, families and anyone looking for an upscale cruise experience with a comfortable atmosphere.

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