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Specialty Travel Suppliers

When we work with our clients to plan a luxury cruise or luxury vacation, we often leverage key suppliers that we feel will go the extra mile to ensure the best vacation possible. We often work with large cruise lines like Regent Seven Seas and Celebrity, or book packages through well-known companies like Club Med & Classic Vacations. Sometimes though, the need is so specific, or the destination so sensitive, that specialty suppliers are brought in to create the best possible itinerary. Take a look below. We have deep and long-standing ties with these five suppliers and can ensure you maximum value, and more importantly, a phenomenal vacation! #5 - Swain Luxury Cruise and Vacation Experts uses Swain to help create custom itineraries from first class adventure tours to the utmost in luxury travel throughout New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Tahiti, Cook Islands, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, China, Africa, India and South East Asia. From the magnificent accommodations and delectable cuisine, to the enchanting excursions and flawless details, it's all covered. Expect the best when our Experts use Swain to plan your next dream vacation. #4 - VIP Tours Whether you choose to take one of their carefully planned tour packages or want your own ideas to come to life, Luxury Cruise and Vacation Experts and VIP Tours will create an unforgettable journey. VIP Tours has relationships with luxury hotels, guides and tours to Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil. They have added the VIP touch to accommodate international discerning travelers. #3 - Seasong Seasong offers an authentic travel experience to Turkey inspired by your personal preferences and special interests. They are passionate about designing enriching travel experiences for the distinguished traveler. Some of their special services include VIP airport service, 24 hour concierge, menu planning, yacht charters, event planning, VIP vehicles, cultural exchanges, shopping consultants and tickets to concerts and events. #2 - Italian Dream Incorporated Does your imagination transport you to places that seem more magical than reality-based? Fantasy and reality meet when Luxury Cruise and Vacation Experts and Italian Dream Incorporated carefully craft an itinerary of the most luxurious accommodations, exclusive villas, cultural events, wine tasting, and culinary experiences to be found in all regions of Italy. #1 - Trails of Indochina Trails of Indochina is recognized as a leader in Destination Management and luxury travel within South East Asia. Expertise in their six showcased destinations of Cambodia, Vietnam, Bali, Myanmar, Laos and Thailand promise to take you on a journey that is both creative and inspiring. They strive to make every visitor feel comfortable and welcome, and to share pride in their culture. To learn more about any of the above suppliers, or to discuss how they can enhance your next vacation, contact a Luxury Cruise & Vacation Expert today.

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