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St. Maarten, Caribbean

There is a beach for every passion along the coast of St. Maarten. Some of our more renowned beaches include: the mile-long Mullet Bay Beach, perfect for swimming; Little Bay Beach is a favorite of snorkelers, with calm waters and excellent visibility; Dawn Beach is known for its powdery white sand; and Guana Bay Beach offers magnificent views of St. Barthelemy.

Maho Beach

Maho Beach is one of the island's most dramatic swimming spots. Swimmers enjoying a splash in the water, can also experience the unusual thrill of airplanes passing right over their heads as they head for the nearby runway of Princess Juliana International Airport. The craggy rocks lining the white sand beach add another dramatic touch. There are also wet bikes available for rent.

Simpson Bay Beach

One of St. Maarten's more private beaches is Simpson Bay Beach, a long half-moon of white sand set between a picturesque fishing village and the murmuring sea. There are no water sports, no resorts, just the sound of water gently lapping at your feet. You can stroll, swim or simply relax, all the while seeing barely another soul.

Cupecoy Beach

Cupecoy Beach is another unspoiled landscape with pure white sand, sandstone cliffs, and shoreline caves as a setting. The surf can be strong, but the wind is blocked by the rocks. Lying near the border with St. Martin, its dress code is influenced by that of the French beaches: clothing is optional.

Great Bay Beach

Stretching for two miles in front of the Dutch side capital of Philipsburg, Great Bay Beach is one of the longest and widest beaches on the island. With the expansion of the boardwalk, it is a great place to hang out and party with the backdrop of a luscious tropical beach. Look for the myriad of cruise ships that sail into her harbor daily. With its proximity to the one of the greatest shopping experiences in all of the Caribbean, Great Bay Beach offers something for everyone.

Little Bay Beach

Little Bay Beach is located on the southern coast of St Maarten, just around the corner from Great Bay. This small but pretty beach is well protected by the outcrop of Fort Amsterdam right on the edge of Philipsburg. For diving enthusiasts, it offers one of the rare beach dive locations, as the waters here are generally calm due to its 'cove like' nature, and also the installation of solid rocky beach breaks, making it an ideal spot for children. There is a wide selection of beach equipment from snorkeling gear to jet-skis, so there is plenty to do for an active family.

Kim Sha Beach

Kim Sha Beach is the best place on earth for breathtaking sunsets. Many people say that Kim Sha Beach is a part of Simpson Beach, but actually it is located outside the lagoon, which makes it a perfect area for excursion and dive boats to start their trips. Drinks, chairs and umbrellas are available from the commercial establishments, and in the center of the beach, is Ocean Explorers Dive Center, a certified PADI dive shop.

Mullet Bay Beach

Mullet Bay Beach is the quintessential Caribbean beach, with ample white sand and lush palm trees that dot the fringe of the waterfront, as well as scenic views of the volcanic mountains in the distance.

Dawn Beach

Dawn Beach, located to the east of Oyster-Pond Marina, is known for its powdery white sand and picturesque views of St. Barthelemy.

Guana Bay Beach

Guana Bay Beach, located along the south east coast of the island, is one of St. Maarten's undiscovered treasures. Rarely visited, this magnificent beach offers outstanding views of St. Barthelemy and is a perfect location for wind and kite surfing.

Geneve Bay

Geneve Bay is a beautiful natural swimming pool that is protected from the Atlantic swell, making it a perfect destination for families.

Cove Bay

Cove Bay, located between Cole Bay and Little Bay, can be found at the end of a 20-minute hike from Cole Bay Hill. This hidden gem is a favorite of hikers, horseback riders and mountain bikers.

Burgeaux Beach

Burgeaux Beach can be found just beyond Simpson Bay. This secluded beach is situated in a cove and offers the perfect location for shell connoisseurs and surfers alike, as it features a strong current.

Above the water

You can explore the island by kayak, and venture into its numerous secret coves and calm inlets. You can rent a Sunfast 20 and enjoy a leisurely sail in the Simpson Bay lagoon. In fact, you can rent just about any form of water transportation you can think of at most beach resorts, from Hobie Cats, to motorboats, to canoes. And for windsurfers, on the windward northeast side of St. Maarten are two beaches divided by a peninsula. On one side, the flat waters of Coconut Grove are ideal for beginners, and on the other side, the wilds of Orient Beach are perfect for more experienced windsurfers.

On land

Bike your way around St. Maarten and the miles will melt away faster than the passage of time. From the limestone plateau of the lowlands and the cliffs at Cupecoy, to the volcanic rock summits of Paradise Peak and the shoreline roads and the natural preserves, you will find that mountain and trail biking on St. Maarten is a magical adventure. At the St. Maarten Museum, you will follow the history of the island and its inhabitants from prehistoric to modern times, and learn about cargo that was salvaged from a British man-of-war that sank off the coast in 1801. At St. Maarten Park, you will learn about plants and animals that were here when the Arawaks of South America first landed on the islands of the Caribbean, and delight at the antics of the golden lion tamarins and baboons. In galleries and home studios across the island, you will be amazed at the wealth of talent that exists throughout the Caribbean, much of which is on display right here, and available for collectors and admirers alike.

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