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Home Videos & Articles The Best bed in the Travel Industry Just got better!

The Best bed in the Travel Industry Just got better!

Introducing…  The brand new Four Seasons Bed.  The next evolution of the iconic Four Seasons sleep experience and the first fully customizable hotel bed, offering travelers the opportunity to effectively choose their own bed and personalize their sleep during every Four Seasons stay.  With an innovative mattress system developed by Four Seasons in partnership with leading bed manufacturer Simmons, each guest can have their bed personalized to their unique preference in minutes.  A choice of three different levels of firmness will be offered, along with a variety of pillows and bedside amenities for customized comfort.

Since the day they opened, Four Seasons has placed supreme importance on creating optimal sleep conditions, along with the intuitive service that has always been the hallmark of Four Seasons.  Everyone has different needs, but the desire for a good night’s rest is a universal passion.  That is why they make it as easy as possible for their guests to fully customize the sleep experience.

Four Seasons has long been known for their signature beds, a cult favorite that while never advertised, has been purchased by tens of thousands of happy sleepers wanting to replicate the perfect Four Seasons sleep in their own homes.  With the introduction of the industry’s first fully customizable sleep experience, Four Seasons continues to revolutionize the hospitality industry with innovations and creative approaches to enhance each guest’s experience.

The features of these new beds include a system of revolutionary mattress toppers engineered specifically for Four Seasons that offers guests three choices to customize their bed including the Signature Firm Topper, Signature Topper and the Signature Plush Topper.  These toppers can be switched in minutes and those that are returning guests, will find their favorite one already in place when they arrive.

They also include a Gel Touch Foam Center technology that absorbs extra heat, ensuring maximum comfort throughout the sleep. 

The Four Seasons Bed is already in several locations in the U.S., and will replace beds at all Four Seasons locations over the next few years as part of the normal course of upgrading. 

As for the first few hotels, Santa Barbara and Jackson Hole are among the first to feature the new bed, along with new 2014 hotel openings in Moscow, Russia and Orlando, Florida.  

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