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Home Videos & Articles The Brando, on the Beautiful Island of Tetiaro

The Brando, on the Beautiful Island of Tetiaro


A new way of experiencing the world awaits you at the Brando, a true escape from excesses of the modern world.  Surrounded on all sides by the great blue expanse of the South pacific, luxury resort on the private island of Tetiaro recalls the legends and lifestyle of Polynesian royalty that is why they chose this island above all others for their summer retreat.

This is the island of all islands.  The island you dreamed about as a child when the storybook was closed.  If you created your own private word and stepped barefoot into your imagination, this would be your paradise.

An island with a very special place in Polynesian legend.  Tetiaro is being re-imagined as a luxurious adult camp, for unending exploration of our blue planet.  Drawing on the very latest in green technologies and most ancient local knowledge, every structure is dedicated both to pleasure and planet, sensuality and science.

The seahorse is a creature of magic.  Rare, fragile, delicate, and beautiful, it has retained its dignity against the assault of the modern world.  Almost invisible, it merges with its surroundings and tells us that nothing is impossible, a fitting symbol for The Brando, where ultra-luxury meets environmentalism against a backdrop of authentic Polynesian culture.

Life feels simpler on Tetiaro because it is sustainable, and simply by visiting, you become an agent of change.  Here, you will find high levels of comfort and service combined with stewardship of the environment and local culture.  Nothing is hard and fast.  Everything is gentle and slow.

Their all-inclusive value enhances the simplicity of living on the island.  Dine wherever you wish, choose from a host of included activities, and enjoy attentive service from the moment you set foot on the island. 

Nature bestows the beauty as a birthright to every living thing, and we work hard to emulate achievement.  After all nature is complex, yet here at The Brando, life feels so simple.

Over 2,000 years ago, intrepid explorers set out from Tahiti in outrigger canoes and paddled northwest for thousands of miles to discover this island paradise.  Because of the coral ring that completely encloses it, today’s vessels with their much larger draft, cannot enter the lagoon and access these motus as those original settlers did.  So you will arrive by the only means available: an Air Tetiaro private airplane.

When your international or domestic flight arrives at Faa’a International Airport in Tahiti, you will be transferred to Air Tetiaro's private terminal, where you will board your 20-minute flight to paradise.  Though the flight is brief, their two private, eight-passenger aircraft offer you an early experience of comfort and attentive service that await you at The Brando.

The Brando is certainly “Bucket List” travel.  If it’s on yours, contact our Experts today to make your dream turn into reality.  

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