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Home Videos & Articles The Haven: The jewel of Norwegian Cruise Lines

The Haven: The jewel of Norwegian Cruise Lines

The Haven by Norwegian is Hidden away at the top of the ship, home to the most luxurious and spacious accommodations on board. You'll have access to everything the ship offers, but in addition will enjoy the personalized service of a 24-hour butler, to unpack your suitcase or pour you champagne, and a concierge for the duration of your stay. On top of this, enjoy complete privacy and tranquility just steps away, on a reserved courtyard and sundeck with a private pool and spa, exclusively for The Haven’s guests. The courtyard attendant will attend to your every cold towel, fresh fruit and beverage need.

From start to finish, boarding for shore excursions, onboard entertainment and dining times, you will always have priority, skip the lines to be personally escorted on to and off the ship and enjoy limousine service to the airport. The Haven’s suites are opulent and flawlessly appointed, with options ranging from a beautiful courtyard penthouse to family villas to luxurious spa suites. We love the special touches too; special Haven menus, gourmet treats delivered to you each evening, invitations to exclusive breakfasts, lunches and cocktail parties, including one with the ship’s officers. 

And we love the Haven's dining options! The Haven restaurant offers private dining away from the main dining rooms and other specialty restaurants onboard. Upscale and far from hustle bustle of ship life. A full array of fine culinary options to enjoy in a quiet, secluded setting. Or better yet, have your butler serve your meal in the privacy of your own suite for a romantic white-linen dinner in! We have experienced The Haven first-hand and can answer all your questions and help you plan the perfect get-away.

Consider it a ship within a ship just for you; The Haven is a unique experience for our discerning travelers who may be enjoying that family vacation or journeying with a large group. We know how hard it can be to find a family or group vacation that really caters to the needs and wants of all members traveling. The Haven really allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. The fun activities and excursions with your traveling companions, coupled with the ability to escape it all to your own private luxury sanctuary, The Haven! Call us today and let a Luxury Cruise Expert tell you more!

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