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Why it Pays for you to use a Travel Agent

Most people think Travel Agents are for people with big budgets who don't mind paying the big bucks for service. In fact, there are many instances the consumer does not pay more for our services. Now that is value! In most instances, we are paid directly from the cruise line, tour company or wholesaler. Travel Agents are for people who want service, quality, excellence and value. The following is just a short list of what we do for our clients that makes us stand out. 1. VIP Service for our Clients at Hotels- This means getting our clients breakfast daily, possible room upgrades, extra amenities, early check in/late check out, etc. 2. Group Rates on Cruises - Our agency takes out group space on many cruises giving extra value to anyone who books into that group. This means you can get reduced prices, shipboard credits, prepaid gratuities and all sorts of other value added amenities. 3. We Belong to a Consortia - We are part of the Signature Travel Network. Not only do we have the prestige of belonging to this elite group, it means we have relationships with hotels, tour companies, wholesalers and cruise lines. This helps us get better service, better rates, and an overall better experience for you the traveler. On many ocassions, Signature Travel Network provides a host for the sailing. The host is a knowledgable person that is on the cruise to help passengers with their itineraries, booking restaurant or spa appointments, recommendations for activities on and off the ship and hosts parties and activities. 4. Customer Service - Our Experts have exceptional customer service skills and treat all their clients as VIPs. Not only are we here Monday - Friday during business hours, we have an after hours department that is open 24/7 just in case you are stranded at an airport or exotic location or if something should come up in your travels during off business hours. 5. First Hand Experience - Our Experts travel all over the world. We have firsthand experience on the cruise lines we sell, we have stayed at the hotels we sell and if we haven't, there is someone in the office who has. 6. We plan the details - Travel plans do include a lot of details, often times these details can be overlooked. Our Experts are trained to be detail oriented and to think of even the smallest things. 7. Suggestions - Do you have an idea, but not the specific place you would like to visit? Don't worry; our Experts can help you with many suggestions on the products we sell. We are sure to find just the right vacation for you. 8. Out of the Box - We have services that you might have not even heard about. We love to suggest our Meet & Greet services to clients. These companies pick you up curbside at the airport, come prepared with your boarding passes, take your luggage and whisk you through security and customs within minutes. They will even get you access into the different airline club lounges. All this for a very small fee. 9. Value - From air to hotels, tours to custom travel, our Experts will research and get you the most value for your travel dollars. This includes the best flight options, hotel prices, tours and more. 10. We Spoil you - Don't be surprised if you get to your hotel and get an upgrade on your room when you check in. Maybe there is a bottle of champagne or wine in your room or you might even get access to the Concierge Lounge. Traveling with children? You might just find warm cookies and milk awaiting their arrival or fun coloring books and activities to keep them occupied in the hotel room. Call our Experts today to get help planning your dream vacation. We specialize in cruises, land packages, custom vacations, villa rentals and so much more.

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