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Experience an African Vacation in first-class style! Through our relationships with premium African safari tour operators and luxury hotels, our clients can expect the best in African Vacations.

What makes an African vacation ideal for any traveler? Africa offers a wide range of diverse climates & terrains from the Great Sahara Desert, to lush tropical jungles and the beaches of the East and West coasts. Whichever you choose, we can customize your African vacation to meet your expectations.

In Mozambique, world class scuba diving draws adventurers from around the globe to swim with the whale sharks! Or for white water aficionados, the acclaimed Zambezi River is known as one of the most spectacular spots for white water rafting and kayaking. In Tanzania, Mt. Kilimanjaro awaits; the highest mountain in Africa and the highest “walkable” one in the world; not for the unfit or faint of heart! And of course, an African safari tour is a must-do, taking you to remote areas, where you can hike into a volcano crater, visit a bushman tribe and view exotic wild game and gorgeous, vast landscapes.

If you are less adventurous physically, there are still plenty of sights and sounds to fill the senses. In the west, the Marrakech Bazaar is one of the largest marketplaces in the world, full of color, life, noise and history. Merchants selling their wares, entertainers, food and snake charmers abound! South Africa is an ideal spot for whale and dolphin watching, home to Table Mountain over-looking Cape Town, as well as an emerging giant in the wine world. In Zanzibar, an island off the coast of Tanzania, the pristine beach, coral reefs and tranquil blue waters are ideal for leisurely swimming, snorkeling or just laying in the shade with a cocktail and watching the red African sunset. In the North, Egypt’s ancient Pyramids of Giza await. What better way to explore the wonders of ancient Egypt than with a cruise down the Nile?

Whether it’s an adventurous African safari tour, a laid-back sojourn in one of Africa’s top resorts or something more complex you have in mind - leave all the details to us! We will plan YOUR perfect African vacation.