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A vacation cruise to the Antarctic may conjure up visions of deep freeze, seven layers and gray days but you be surprised to learn that half the year, from November to March, can be quite pleasant with temperatures reaching often as high as the 50s Fahrenheit. Distinct seasonal changes and temperatures guarantees you a visit to a “different” Antarctica depending on the time of year your cruise departs. What remains constant however is the undeniable beauty and vast wildlife viewing opportunities, whether you visit Antartica, the Falkland Islands or South Georgia Island.

There are a host of must-dos when visiting the Deepest South; taking a dip in the warm thermal waters of Deception Island, a helicopter ride which offers a choice few the majestic view of polar animals, including the emperor penguin colonies, kayaking trips that put you face to face with icebergs and sometimes offer camping on the ice, climbing Observation Hill which awards travelers the magnificent views of the Ross Ice Shelf and Mount Erebus. Though this is largely wild and untamed terrain, rest assured you need not be a fitness guru and travel here will not require tremendous physical exertion.