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Australia and New Zealand Vacations

Australia and New Zealand are long thought of as two pearls of the south Pacific. They lie on opposite sides of the Tasman Sea and while they share many things in common, they have distinct and beautiful differences making them each worth seeing more than once!

New Zealand is a photo opp waiting to happen and a friendly, welcoming country offering travelers incomparable chances for exploration and adventure. The rugged islands are full of dense native forests, beaches, glaciers, mountains, thermal regions and fjords that are meticulously maintained by the environmentally-conscious New Zealanders. A blend of traditional Maori culture with modernity life in cosmopolitan cities, the vast expanses of pristine wilderness, the quaint villages, are what makes up modern day New Zealand. Top tourist attractions like Franz Josef Glacier, one of the most accessible in the world, the thermal wonderland of Rotorua, and Milford Sound with its staggering coastal scenery and cascading waterfalls are just a few of the many reasons to visit New Zealand.

No one can deny the natural beauty of Australia. From its brisk southern beaches to humid tropical rainforests to the vast sun scorched horizons, Australia has it all. Its coastal cities are an unusual blend of European love of fine food and art and a native love of sport and the laid back outdoors. The Great Barrier Reef is a mecca for snorkelers, divers or those who simply want to enjoy the view through a glass bottomed boat. The Opera House in Sydney Harbour along with the hulking Sydney Harbour Bridge are must-sees. And for wine lovers, Australia is emerging as a big player in the wine world and the picturesque wineries are a sight worth seeing.