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Travel to Canada or New England

Canada is a unique mix of unexplored, rugged frontier, exciting cosmopolitan cities, natural wonders and hospitable people. New England preserves an old-world charm lost on much of the rest of modern day USA. Combined they are an opportunity for the vacation of a lifetime!

The beauty of North America, particularly New England, is something to be savored, from Maine’s lovely white-steepled churches and the palatial homes of Newport, to the Freedom Trail in Boston. Mother Nature's colorful artistry creates a year-round beautiful backdrop for the historical landmarks, gorgeous mansions and wilderness preserves dotted along the New England coast. 

And just north, Canada beckons. It’s natural wonder combined with urban sophistication are something to be explored. Its wild northern frontier has a distinct character created by the influence of French and British traditions and constant influence of US culture. There are a wealth of destinations that educate, inspire, challenge or just plain fun! The Pacific Northwest holds a rugged majesty, immense landscapes of towering fiords, rare wildlife and looming glaciers and a chance to discover the people and culture of the Arctic. From the grandeur of Basilica Notre Dame de Montréal to the archipelagos along the St. Lawrence Seaway to the gorgeous, immense Niagara Falls, Canada holds something for everyone.