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The Caribbean is comprised of hundreds of tropical islands considered my many in the world true paradise. This is the number one destination for Americans and it is no wonder why. Romantic beaches, beautiful green valleys filled with tropical fruit trees, still blue waters, mountains and movie-set views, how can you miss? From the more well-traveled, known names like Jamaica, Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and the Bahamas to exclusive, more luxury get aways to smaller islands like St Barts, St. Thomas, Turks & Caicos or the Virgin Islands, the Caribbean offers a wealth of experiences for the enthusiastic traveler to enjoy.

The Bahamas is a collection of over 700 islands stretching southeast of Florida. Whether you want to fish, hit the casino, lay on a pristine beach or visit a remote island that is super secluded, the Bahamas has it all. Jamaica is a kaleidoscope of colors, sounds, smells and tastes. The music, the sunsets, the warm people, the water sports all combine to make this the jewel of the Caribbean. The pink-hued beaches of Bermuda amid the blue-green waters of the Atlantic are waiting to be discovered. Unique European flavor, vast flower gardens, quaint towns, cultural attractions and sporting options make it a truly ideal destination.