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Lenna Welling

Luxury Cruise Expert

A Message from Lenna

For more than 35 years I've been helping my clients travel the world. I started my career as an R.N., which actually taught me many skills that benefit my travel clients today! Equipped with a degree in travel agency operations and a passion for exploring the world, I embarked on my new career path and never looked back!

I began my career planning corporate travel, and then switched to focus purely on leisure travel about 20 years ago. I have always loved to travel the world and it was an obvious extension of my passion.

I have a particular fondness and love for islands - my absolute favorites are the Tahitian Islands. I have also traveled extensively throughout Hawaii, and Anguilla & St. Lucia are my favorites in the Caribbean.

When travel combines with my other love, animals, some of my most memorable experiences have emerged. Expedition cruising in the Galapagos, safari adventures throughout Africa, and amazing adventures in Alaska come to mind as standouts combining the best of travel with fantastic animal encounters.

Photography buffs need look no further; I am your travel pro! My husband has had a long and rewarding career as a nature & wildlife photographer and I've been lucky to have him document some of my many adventures!

I also specialize in group travel and have escorted dozens of groups over the years. Fundraising organizations can count on me to help them use cruises and other travel opportunities to raise funds for their worthy causes. I find Safaris are also an excellent opportunity for fundraising!

I make myself available to my clients 24/7 and always go above and beyond to deliver for them. I am a certified Hawaii and Tahiti specialist and also hold certificates from many of the major luxury and premium cruise lines. I'm standing by ready to help you!

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