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Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line boasts some of the newest cruise liners in the industry, currently the youngest fleet among all major cruise lines in North America. We have a long standing relationship with Norwegian and can offer you exclusive deals that can’t be matched anywhere else!

We recommend Norwegian for multi generational travellers looking for the cruise experience that accommodates all ages and interests! Their exclusive features like the Haven allow you to partake in the family cruise experience while retreating to the luxury and privacy of an exclusive top level. The Haven offers private lounge, dining and sundeck enjoyment, exclusive amenities and 24 hour attendance to your needs. Norwegian's youth programs, activites in the kids' area, their own private island to explore and amazing interactive experiences are ideal for the younger adventurers. Multi room family suites perfectly accommodate everyone in the family.

Thanks to an extensive range of features, your whole family is guaranteed the cruise experience of a lifetime to destinations around the world, from weekend jaunts to exotic locales on the other side of the globe!