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Sofitel Paris Arc De Triomphe

One of the most hectic, exciting and interesting places in the world has got to be Paris, France. Paris was my second stop on a three week European adventure and it set the bar very high for other cities. Ranked 5th in the entire world for shopping, Paris pleases nearly everyone by its iconic landmarks to its stunning hotels. Atop the list of luxurious hotels in Paris is the Sofitel Paris Arc De Triomphe    

Located just a few blocks away from the historical Arc De Triomphe, Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum, this 5-star hotel leaves its clients exhausted yet fulfilled at the end of each day. Miles of shops surround the elegant hotel and their friendly staff can help you find specific shops or activities that would otherwise take plenty of time to discover. Their incredible suites and villas, free Wi-Fi, extravagant bars and restaurants, and incredible customer service at the newly renovated spa made me want to spend most of my time at the hotel!      

As lavish as the hotel was, I knew I couldn’t go to Paris without seeing its most famous landmarks. I wanted to get used to the underground railway as soon as I got there, so I voyaged deep into Paris to see the incredible city the French have created. The architectural details on every building are jaw-dropping and I could not believe the buildings that were in front of me. I spent time walking the city while chewing on a large baguette a nice street vendor sold to me.

The most iconic image of Paris, the Eiffel tower, is as amazing in person as it is in a picture. The 986-foot skyscraper allows any adventurous person to marvel at the city from its viewing deck just a few feet shy from the point at the top. It is an experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else and I spent nearly an hour taking pictures and enjoying the clean, cool air nearly 1,000 feet from the ground.        

What would a trip to Paris be without seeing the most famous painting of all time? A waste of a trip is what it would be which is why I, as well as thousands of other tourists every hour, went to the Louvre Museum to check out the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. This painting, standing only about 3 feet by 2 feet, is protected by bulletproof glass and the most high-tech cameras available to the market. This is no place to joke around as armed guards watch viewers closely as they protect the most priceless form of art ever created       

A long day of walking called for a delicious and authentic French meal, which can be found on every street throughout the city. Great restaurants are abundant in the crowded capital and a quick question presented to any local will leave your taste buds thanking you for weeks. Clubs and bars are extremely popular for any age and fun places are located everywhere around the hotel. Vast amounts of American music are played every night which gives foreigners a warm welcome when walking through the door. Paris is a historic and fun-filled treasure chest that needs to be explored by anyone looking for a memorable vacation. When we book this hotel we like to use Journese – Curators of Fine Travel to seamlessly put the finishing touches on your escape. 


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