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Expedition Cruises

Silversea is taking Expedition Cruising to a whole new level! Now EXPLORE the wonders of the Galapagos in all-inclusive luxury on their newest expedition ship, the Silver Galapagos. The remote archipelagos of the Pacific will also be within reach on the 128-guest Silver Discoverer. Other destinations include: Antarctica, the Russian Far East, Central & South America to name a few.

With complimentary shore excursions lead by the Expert Expedition Team, complimentary champagne, wines and spirits, complimentary 24-hour room service, butler service and all ocean-view suites - you are set for a truly memorable adventure.

Let’s start your path to exploration!

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South Pacific Expedition Cruises

Experience the South Pacific, where the small islands tranquil atmosphere will leave you relaxed when you're not out on one of the many excursions Silversea Cruises offers. Fiji, Papua New Guinea or Tahiti, you can discover all these islands and more.

Sample Itineraries...

Depart: Feb 22 - 9-night Southeast Asia Cruise — $5800

Depart: March 2 - 13-night Asia Expedition Cruise — $10800

Depart: April 14 -11-night Southeast Asia Cruise — $6100

Depart: May 10 - 15-night Alaska Cruise — $5500

Depart: June 22 -17-night South Pacific Expedition Cruise — $14200

Depart: Aug 28 - 12-night Asia Expedition Cruise — $10400

Depart: Sept 13 -14-night Alaska Cruise — $5000

Depart: Oct 14 - 13-night Southeast Asia Cruise — $8300

Depart: Dec 13 - 8-night Asia Cruise — $4200


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