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Home Videos & Articles American History is the Theme for These Tauck Tours Journeys

American History is the Theme for These Tauck Tours Journeys

Tauck Tours is committed to teaching children and adults about the history of the United States. They have collaborated with Ken Burns, an Emmy winning and Academy Award nominated American director and producer of documentary films. His style of film making uses archival footage and photographs to tell stories. Tauck Tours is proud to announce their American Journeys, which include filmed narratives on select 2012 U.S. Tauck trips. Exclusive to Tauck, you will get in-depth commentary and inside stories about the American West, the national parks, Civil War sites and more. These insights cannot be found anywhere else or by traveling on your own. The Tauck Civil War Event in Washington, DC, features an exclusive opportunity to meet Ken Burns when he gives the keynote address during a special evening at the national Archives. This once in a lifetime travel experience includes a lecture by a Civil War historian at the national Building Museum; in depth sightseeing tracks with small groups of 32; a choice of historic hotels; and a gala evening at the national Portrait Gallery & Smithsonian American Art Museum. This event is available October 14 - 18, 2012. Yosemite and Sequoia: John Muir's California: this 8 day trip follows conservationist John Muir's path from San Francisco to the Sierra Nevada, embracing Kings Canyon National Park, Sequoia National Park, and his beloved Yosemite National Park, experiencing the story of why they remain for us exactly as he found them. The National Parks of the Southwest Tour will help you experience the inspiring natural beauty of the desert and its unique American landscape. It also tells the stories of the spirit of the individual people throughout the centuries who have worked tirelessly to save these landscapes from destruction. On the Yosemite & Sequoia journey, arrive in San Francisco and meet your group in the Muir Woods, a coastal redwood forest preserved as a national monument. Continue to the Central Valley and visit Sequoia National Park. Board a train for a rail journey to Fresno that follows wetlands, then nearly follows the Buffalo Soldiers' route across the agriculturally rich Central Valley. Board a motor coach for the 7,000 foot climb to Sequoia National Park; your destination is remote Wuksachi Lodge on the park grounds. Continue on an extensive tour of the area. Go inside the stories of The Civil War on the Most Hollowed Ground journey. Understanding the story of the Civil War is paramount to understanding who we are as Americans. This journey starts in Washington D.C. with a view of the White House, the Capitol, the mall, and the Lincoln and Jefferson memorials. Then, fast forward to the end of the conflict - the tragic night of April 14, 1865 with a visit to the newly restored Ford's Theater national Historic Site, where President Abraham Lincoln was fatally shot that evening by actor John Wilkes Booth. Continue to Maryland for a visit to Gettysburg, then head north to Pennsylvania. From there learn more about American history in Virginia. On all of Tauck's journeys, hotels and most meals are included. Treat your family or yourself to a learning experience like no other. Our Experts are always available with more information on these and other exciting adventures by Tauck Tours/Ken Burns.

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