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Home Videos & Articles Azamara Club Cruises Improves the Journey

Azamara Club Cruises Improves the Journey

Azamara Club Cruises is confident that you will love where they take you. With their already fabulous itineraries, they could not possibly improve the destinations. So, they decided to improve the journey. At Azamara Club Cruises, they believe in destination immersion. This means longer stays, more overnights, and night touring in the destinations they visit. This allows guests to truly immerse themselves in the culture and nightlife of all the places they travel. And just to help you immerse you in this concept, they are introducing something brand new, just to enhance the journey. Azamara Club Cruises proudly introduces AzAmazing Evenings, A Destination Affair to Remember. On every voyage, beginning with their Europe season in 2013, Azamara offers each of their guests a complimentary AzAmazing Evenings event. A chance to really see the advantages of longer overnight stays in port. It could be the ballet at Mikhailovsky Theater in St. Petersburg, a polo match and reception in Saint-Tropez, or a gala affair at the Titanic Belfast Museum. But each is an opportunity for you to experience one of their longer stays at a destination to its fullest. And hopefully encourage you to look for more opportunities like this during the rest of your voyage. Of course, when you are onboard, there is now more included than ever before. You can certainly toast to that. Azamara fares have always been very inclusive. But now there is even more to get excited about. Effective with their 2013 Europe season, select standard spirits, an international selection of beers, and red and white wines will all be available throughout your voyage. This in addition to the many things that were already included, such as: bottled water, soft drinks, specialty coffees and teas, gratuities for housekeeping, dining and bar staff, self-service laundry and so much more. Already acclaimed as two of the top ships in the cruise industry, Azamara Quest and Azamara Journey are both scheduled for an upgrade at the end of this year and beginning of next. Ship wide renovations will include a new color palette, new carpet and upholstery throughout the ships, new mattresses and upgraded balcony furniture for staterooms and suites, new sun loungers for the pool, a caviar and champagne bar for Aqualina (one of the ship's two specialty dining venues), an enhanced casino and bar, state-of-the-art Life Fitness cardio equipment and enhancements for the crew areas. With all these enhancements, it will be difficult to leave the ship. Since Azamara is all about destination immersion, they will do their best to get you off the ship to enjoy all they have to offer in the ports they visit. Azamara Journey 2013 itineraries will include 10 Nights Greek Isles, Cyprus & Holy Land, 7 Nights Bosphorus to Athens, 9 Nights Acropolis to The Vatican, 7 Nights Tuscany, The Italian Riviera & Monaco, 12 Nights Circumnavigating the Black Sea, 10 Nights Around Italy-Venice to Rome and many more. Azamara Journey 2013 itineraries will include 7 Nights Seville to Barcelona, 11 Nights Monaco, Tuscany, Corsica & Spain, 10 Nights Shopping in the Mediterranean, 13 Nights Voyage From the Old World to the New, 12 Nights West Indies Hideaways, 12 Nights Colonial South to Turquoise Seas and more. Who doesn't like a deal with great value? Azamara Club Cruises offers up to 50% off brochure fares, gratuities for housekeeping, dining and bar staff, new complimentary AzAmazing Evenings on every voyage and further savings and value when you extend your voyage. Contact our Experts today to book your next Azamara Club Cruises journey. You might just set the trend amongst your friends with this even better than ever cruise line.

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