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Butterfield & Robinson Tour Operators

Looking for a vacation experience that will take you all over Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa & the Middle East, Latin America or North America?  Look no further.  Butterfield & Robinson offers walking and biking tours throughout these countries.  They offer amazing ready-to-go itineraries and their Bespoke line, which is custom tailored to meet the individual tourist’s desires.  They have programs that are well suited for families, couples and all ages of travelers.

Here we list the top 5 things you should know about B&R:

  1. They deliver the most authentic experience for travelers.  Their motto is slow down and see the world.  They have spent 50 years taking travelers to remote parts of the globe.
  2. They do a dress rehearsal before each departure.  Their guides run through the route before every departure, not just at the beginning of the season.  They check everything before the travelers arrive to assure there are no problems.  It also allows them to add something special to the trip that can only be done that week.
  3. They adjust their guide-to-traveler ratio to secure the best experience.  On at B&R trip, there will be between 1-4 guides depending on the make-up of the group.  The guides are always knowledgeable and friendly hosts, not just someone who carries your luggage or drives your van.
  4. A private trip does not cost an arm and a leg.  B&R is known as a luxury travel operator, and for good reason.  But many do not realize that they have an extensive library of itineraries to fit everyone’s budget. 
  5. Unparalleled operational support.  This isn’t something you see in marketing materials, but the unglamorous role of trip operations is where B&R manages the fine points.  They are professional, timely and courteous.  They have round-the-clock support just in case a problem should arise.  

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