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Home Videos & Articles Crystal Cruises Enhances Their Itineraries With Culinary-Focused Shore Excursions

Crystal Cruises Enhances Their Itineraries With Culinary-Focused Shore Excursions

Ultra-luxe Crystal Cruises is celebrating good cuisine in Europe this year, with more than 60 shore excursions that offer a local taste of the rich culinary regions in which Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony are sailing.

Hands on cooking classes, history lessons, food sourcing, multi-course meals, and sampling will be hosted in farms, chateaus, Michelin starred restaurants, markets and traditional homes throughout Europe. From spring through fall, Crystal offers 65 five to fifteen day luxury European cruise itineraries visiting Italy, Spain, Malta, Greece, France, Sweden, Norway, UK, Russian, Estonia, Romania, and Morocco. 

Today, there are more and more Crystal foodies, who relish connecting with the culinary nuances and culture of a region in a very authentic, intimate, and memorable way. 

In Valetta, shop at a local open air market with a Maltese culinary ambassador then join her at her home for a group lesson and dinner party. In Agadir, cruisers will have the chance to create regional family recipes with Berber chefs. Glean signature Andalusian dish secrets in Malaga from the chef/owner of the only two-star Michelin restaurant in the area. If that's not enough, a visit to Barcelona will bring lessons of Catalan cooking, from paella to Crema Catalana. Visit a private home in Corfu and see how bread is baked in a traditional garden wood-fire stove. In Casablanca, it's preparing traditional lamb with plums and honey while sipping orange juice in orange flower water. Bakeries galore are yours to visit in Mykonos, with tastings of mouth watering morsels including amygdalota almond pastry and koulouri sesame buns.

If these shore excursions sound tasty to you, contact one of our Experts for more information and to book your extraordinary culinary focused Crystal Cruise.



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