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Home Videos & Articles Crystal Cruises Remodels the Crystal Symphony

Crystal Cruises Remodels the Crystal Symphony

In early 2012, Crystal Cruises became an all-inclusive cruise line. Further enticing travelers, their Crystal Symphony is currently in dry dock receiving a major $15 million remodel. In just 15 days at Germany's Blohm + Voss shipyard, ultra-luxe Crystal Cruises is redesigning the ship's Avenue Saloon, Palm Court lounge, Galaxy showroom, Hollywood theatre, Bridge lounge, and Fantasia and Waves "junior cruisers" areas in ways that are stylishly modern, yet keeping with each space's spirited atmosphere beloved by guests. In the past two years, Crystal Cruises has invested more than $50 million in its vessels, generating praise and industry awards for their great style. Crystal guests expect the finest of luxury in every element of a Crystal cruise. They have a keen appreciation for design and expect the best in furnishings, finishes and fine appointments. At completion of this current project, Crystal will have redesigned every room aboard Crystal Symphony. As always, they have paid close attention to the rich and chic details they are so well known for. In the popular piano bar, the Avenue Saloon, Crystal is bringing back the designer who created the room's trademark clubby look. The piano, shutters, and warm, jazz-era atmosphere remain, but a room reconfiguration adds more seating, including antique-style, brass-tack couches and a large red wall sofa. In the Palm Court, they are revamping the ship's signature panoramic lounge for high tea, dancing, cocktail parties, and casual drinks with a view. A sleek and contemporary transformation brings the outside in, taking full advantage of sweeping ocean views, while keeping emblematic room elements like palms and wicker. The bar and dance areas expand with added seating and a larger, spiral-design dance floor. Inspired by the glamorous theatres of yesteryear, the Galaxy Lounge will be redesigned for live performances, Broadway-style musical productions, and lavish entertainment experiences. The elegant redo features namesake-reflective motifs, such as starburst lighting and carpeting and lit crystal-speckled wall panels that hint of the night sky. Formal style purple drapes and "old gold" walls suggest the richness of royalty. Additional touches include artwork niches with abstract figurative sculpture and lively lilac, pink, and crimson shades befitting of a dramatic stage. The Bridge Lounge, the ships, space for cards, games, and presentations receives a refined rejuvenation via all now furniture, including game tables and chairs; lighting, including striking chandelier, sconces and recessed fixtures. A new layout for both Fantasia kids play area and Waves teen video arcade creates separate areas for crafts, relaxation, screenings (two TV's), teens, and computer usage (teens and kids separate). They have chosen fun asymmetrical furniture, bean bags and vibrant colors to liven up the space. New interactive white board, board games, video game stations, and video project system further refresh junior activities options. Other ship enhancements include new electronic "do not disturb" doorbells in all staterooms and environmentally-efficient lighting installations for all electrical upgrades and changes. All remodeling, as well as bi-annual maintenance and cleaning, will take place while dry docked at Hamburg's Blohm + Voss shipyard from June 1 through June 16, 2012. Crystal's passion for taking care of guests in an inviting environment of extraordinary space, quality and choices has earned the company more "World's Best" awards than any other cruise line, resort or hotel in history.

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