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DuVine Cycling + Adventures

Are you in good shape, consider yourself fit and exercise on a regular basis?  Can you ride a bike?  Do you like a physical challenge, but are still looking to relax while on vacation?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are the perfect fit for a Weekend Rider level tour from DuVine Bike Tours.

Spain is the perfect destination for intermediate cyclists looking for the perfect balance between cycling and everything else Spain has to offer visitors.  With healthy food options, sunny skies and quiet roads, Spain offers cyclists the best-of-the-best.  Spain also offers amazing architecture, art, and activities to explore when you are not on the bike.


Cycle on roads where dramatic cliffs drop off from both sides and offer sweeping views of the sea as you climb high into the Tramuntana mountain range.  Remarkable beauty is just the beginning on the Mallorca Bike Tour in Spain.

Costa Brava:

Explore the beautiful Catalonia region once home to a surrealist artist Salvador Dali and delve into a diverse geographical topography, each day with a medley of dramatic vistas, sparkling coastlines and rolling plains on the Costa Brave 6-day or Costa Brava 4-day tours.

Chef on Wheels:

Join award-winning Chef Seamus Mullen on a culinary bike tour in Spain’s gourmet powerhouse – Catalonia.  Ride, cook, eat and explore your way through Costa Brava with Chef Mullen.  Welcome to Costa Brava – where gastronomy and cycling go hand in hand.

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