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Las Vegas for Foodies

According to the Global 2013 Portrait of American Travelers, about 64% of leisure travelers find an opportunity to eat different and unusual cuisines desirable on a vacation.  This is especially so among affluent travelers, as well as Millennials and Xers.  And while dining out may not be top-of-mind with clients interested in visiting Las Vegas, it can be a strong selling point.  You can find anything basically anytime in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas and its hotels pride themselves on the great number and variety of dining options available, part of the well-rounded vacation experience that keeps visitors coming back for seconds.

From upscale restaurants with eye-catching décor to trendy bistros and gourmet burger and pasta eateries, visitors to Las Vegas can find virtually any type of cuisine, complemented by an ambiance suited to their tastes.  Odds are they will also find a place to dine created by one of their favorite celebrated chefs; Gordon Ramsay, Emeril Lagasse and Wolfgang Puck are just a few of the top names attached to Las Vegas dining rooms, and they are a legitimate draw.  In fact, people feel that Las Vegas has become a premiere culinary destination, fueled by its compressive collection of celebrity chefs.

New restaurants keep popping up all the time at hotels and on the strip, so even repeat visitors can find something new to try. 

For Asian cuisine, a new and hip place to din is Hakkasan, located at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino.  Nobu Restaurant and Lounge at Caesar’s Palace is another new favorite. 

There is certainly no shortage of great steakhouses in Las Vegas.  Some of the best ones are located off the strip.  Try DelMonico’s Double Eagle Steak House for an amazing steak with all the fixings including creamed spinach and onion rings.  The lemon cake is not to be missed here.  Heritage Steak at The Mirage is Tom Colicchio’s brand new baby.

If you are a lover of Italian food (who isn’t?), you must try Buddy V’s at The Palazzo and Chef Shawn McClain’s Five50 Pizza Bar, located at Aria Hotel & Casino.  Here, he puts a totally new spin on pizza, making it one of the most loved Italian eateries on the strip.

Whatever your culinary wish, you will certainly find it in Las Vegas.  Where else can you go to find amazing cuisine, shopping, entertainment and so much more?

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