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Home Videos & Articles Namale an All-Inclusive Resort in Fiji!

Namale an All-Inclusive Resort in Fiji!

One afternoon as I was reaching the peak of burnout, I picked up my phone and called my wonderful travel consultant at Luxury Cruise and Vacations Experts. We needed to get away to somewhere calm and peaceful. After hearing my plight, my agent suggested the beautiful paradise of Fiji. Having only seen pictures in magazines and in the movies, I was drawn to its uncrowded , unhurried and unspoiled ambience. I was feeling better already! My Expert at Luxury Cruise and Vacation Experts set up a fabulous trip for us with Classic Vacations. She booked us in business class on Air New Zealand with an easy connection through Auckland. My husband had some frequent flyer miles and Classic Vacations handled the upgrade for us to 1st class. We landed in Nadi and hopped on the short one hour flight to Savusavu on Vanua Levu - Fiji's 2nd largest island. I didn't want to think or stress about anything so my Expert wisely chose the all-inclusive Namale Resort. As we checked in to our private bure, I knew that peace was just around the corner. The resort was nestled on volcanic uplifts, where the rain forest met the Pacific Ocean. 525 acres on dazzling soft sand beaches; Paradise at last! Our bure looked just like a local Fijian hut on the outside and was luxurious, private and comfortable. I planted myself down on the 1st deck chair I saw and looked breathlessly out at the exotic scenery and felt the warm breeze on my face while listening to the waves crash on the beach. The next morning after a leisurely breakfast we set out to explore. We took a rainforest hike and had a private picnic at the base of a waterfall. Upon our return to Namale, we took advantage of a special treat that Luxury Cruise and Vacations Experts included in our package, dual foot massages in the spa. Oh yeah, I could get used to this! The next day we took a once in a lifetime excursion on a boat out to see a pod of dolphins in their early morning feeding ground. We were amazing and amused by as many as 50 dolphins frolicking alongside the boat like trained acrobats; soaring, leaping and spinning through the air. We followed this wonderful display by snorkeling at a vibrant coral reef. Fiji is renowned as the "Soft Coral Capital of the World, so we followed this wonderful display by snorkeling at a vibrant coral reef. I couldn’t count the variety of exotic tropical fish swimming within the colorful reef in this unspoiled underwater wonderland. It was truly a magical day. The next few days were spent playing tennis, touring the quaint local villages, hiking on the beach, exploring the reefs and Kayaking in the lagoons. Wait, I did say that I wanted to relax, right? No matter, this was just what I needed. The perfect combination of peace and fun! If there wasn’t so much to do in Fiji, I just might have spent my entire vacation eating. World Class dining surrounded us. We sampled some of the most delectable local cuisine prepared with skill and panache. Highly trained chefs prepared wonderful delights from the freshest local ingredients - and we got to experience this every day! But aside from the food, the majesty of the islands and the beauty of the water and the numerous activities, the thing that I loved the most about Fiji were the people. Friendly, enchanting and genuine, they capture the charm and allure of a beautiful culture, where ready smiles and peaceful spirits remind us all to remember to take the time to breathe and renew. Time moves ahead as it always does and it came time to same good-bye. We reluctantly left our island paradise; relaxed, enthused, and filled with a new sense of harmony. We were ready to take on the world again, but will always look at things differently since this remarkable vacation changed the way we look at our busy lives. Thanks to Luxury Cruise and Vacations Experts for not only giving us what we wanted but what we needed.

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