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One&Only Palmilla

When you stay at the One&Only Palmilla in idyllic Los Cabos, Mexico it’s easy to while away the days here. With so much to do at this spectacular resort, where do you start? Our own, Susan Reder, shares the highlights from her trip there. See what caught this professional traveler’s keen eye.

# 1 – Dining-  Dining is a stand out at this resort.  My favorite experience was at Agua by Larbi.  Chef Larbi cooks up the most inventive farm-to-table Mexican with a twist cuisine.  The outdoor tables are set on the grass overlooking the beautiful Sea of Cortez.  The booths are actually half booths, so everyone at the table has a view of the ocean… gorgeous.  Chef is very interactive and will come out to greet diners.  I highly recommend making reservations in advance as the good tables will fill up quickly.  There is also a wonderful steakhouse/seafood restaurant called Seared.  Michelin Starred chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten serves Tomahawk steaks, Kobe steaks and the freshest seafood… fabulous.  There are several other more casual options for dining.  Also bars and lounges.  The main lounge is an open-air style with a view of the ocean… they serve original style cocktails, many of them are  margaritas… my favorite was the local flavors margarita on the rocks with a chili-lime rim… so yummy!!! I did not have a bad meal here.  Breakfast… many options including healthy choices.

#2 – Beach & Infinity Pools – There is a small swimmable beach… most beaches in Cabo do not have swimmable beaches as the water is too rough.  There are also two infinity-style pools on the property.  I found that there was always a chaise lounge and the pool area never felt over crowded.  Service is fantastic and you can order cocktails or food there. 

#3 – Make the most of your time - The property is expansive… the best way to get around is by golf cart.  You can call for a pick up pretty much around the clock. 

#4 – The Spa – Simply Gorgeous! Large with the usual amenities… steam options, cold plunge, quite room.  When you are ready for your treatment, you are escorted from inside the spa to the outdoor area where you follow meandering sidewalks to your private massage room.  You then choose from a variety of different essential oils that your masseur will use during your massage.

#5 – The Rooms & Service - The rooms and suites are located throughout the property and in several different buildings.  They feel very private…mine had a long walkway to the entrance, which was lined with shrubs and greenery.  And of course, you have a private butler at your disposal. 

#6 – Yachting -How about a day onboard the One & Only yacht, the Catari.  We had so much fun going out to sea on this yacht with a full crew.  The bubbly was flowing… it felt like it was right out of a tv show!!!  Food was served and when we got far enough away from shore, the water toys came out!!!  This is a super fun way to spend a day of your vacation.

#7 – Farm to Table - The vegetable and herb garden on property is so lovely and provides fresh produce and herbs for the resort.  They even have an outdoor kitchen for cooking lessons and kitchen demonstrations.  Loved this!!!

#8 On-site cathedral –
There is a cathedral on property and it is very typical old Mexican style.  They do perform wedding ceremonies here. 

#9 Exclusive Agency Amenities & Special Offers -
Book with us & receive EXCLUSIVE amenities and special offers like – Daily Breakfast for Two, Lunch for two at Breeze Restaurant and an upgrade (subject to availability). Call 800-563-2238

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