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Home Videos & Articles Our Expert Cruises the South Pacific Onboard the Paul Gauguin

Our Expert Cruises the South Pacific Onboard the Paul Gauguin

Our Expert recently traveled to Tahiti and sailed the beautiful blue waters onboard the Paul Gauguin on a 7-night cruise round trip from Papeete. As soon as they got to the dock, they were escorted onboard and taken to their beautiful stateroom. The personal and exceptional service started from that moment and continued throughout her fabulous journey. The verandah cabins are lovely and come with wonderful amenities. She loved the ambience on the ship as it reflected the culture and charm that the Polynesian people are so well known for. Onboard they enjoyed local entertainment, which changed at the different ports they visited. There were also amazing guest speakers lecturing on many different topics including the history of the South Pacific Islands. They did a lot of sightseeing on their own and this included visiting a private island where the "local mamas" sold jewelry and entertained them by singing and dancing. The island was breathtaking and reflected the unspoiled beauty of the area. Here on this quaint island, she relaxed on the beach and enjoyed a lunch including fresh seafood and vegetables from the island. The food was fresher and tastier than any she had ever had. Onboard the Paul Gauguin, there are many lounges and intimate places to gather with friends and family. The food is made from local fresh ingredients and is absolutely fabulous! The crew members actually join you during meal time and give you information and answer questions on all the different shore excursions. There is a sports marina onboard the ship which includes many water toys for all different types of activities including snorkeling, diving, jet skiing and much more. These activities are all included in your cruise fare, which translates to a great value for passengers. Paul Gauguin Cruises, a perfect way to sail the South Pacific! After our Expert came back, she clearly understoon why they have been awarded "Top Five Small Luxury Cruise Ships" by Conde Nast Traveler, "Best for a Second Honeymoon" by Cruise Critic, Editors Pick and a Silver Magellan Award, Small Cruise Ship Category from Travel Weekly.

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