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Travel Tips for Summer Travel

Memorial Day kicked off the summer travel season for Americans and with the usual day trips to the beach and days spent by the pool, come warnings of economic recession, overbooked flights, long delays at check-in and new baggage fees. What is a traveler to do? Working with a professional Travel Consultant to plan your next trip, be it a grand tour of Europe or a long weekend close to home, you can save both time and money and avoid any unnecessary problems causing you stress. Travel Consultants are committed to making their clients' trip the best travel experience possible. So while the summer season is always a busy one, this year if you work with a Travel Consultant to plan your vacations, it won't be a frustrating one! Despite the weak dollar, travelers will be heading overseas this summer. If you want to keep expenses down, consumers can opt for destinations whose currency is tied to the U.S. dollar or trips they pre-pay for in U.S. dollars, such as Mediterranean cruises or all-inclusive resorts. Book your airline tickets as soon as possible to lock in a lower price. If you do have to book last minute, you do have options. The key to securing the best deal is to be flexible with your travel dates. Our Experts have the resources at their fingertips to give you the options with the best value. Also, consider flying into an alternate airport, if at all possible. Always arrive early at the airport. Parking, long lines at security checkpoints and the possibility of the airline overselling the flight and bumping passengers should all be considered when deciding what time to arrive at the airport. Give yourself plenty of time to avoid these problems and make your air travel stress free. Remember the 3-1-1- rule. New regulations limit the amount of gels and liquids passengers can take through security in their carry-on luggage to travel-size toiletries of 3 ounces or less that fit comfortably in 1 quart size clear plastic zip-top bag and the 1 bag per passenger must be placed in the screening bin. Know your limits when it comes to weight of your suitcases. Pack as lightly as possible to avoid any unnecessary charges for overweight luggage. London is not the only destination filling up with Olympics visitors; nearby cities like Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam are also seeing an influx of arrivals this summer. These cities have increased rail service to London from late July through August. Leading up to the Olympics, the European Football Championship, also held every four years, is bringing fans to Poland and Ukraine. But don't let a few million extra people deter you from enjoying Europe's capitals. Reserve advance tickets to attractions whenever possible and allot extra time for getting around. Make sure you are ready for the heat when traveling to Europe. On the heels of March's record high temperatures in Northern Europe, meteorologists are predicting above-average summer temperatures across Southern and Eastern Europe. The good news: barometers are not likely to reach the record highs of 2003 or 2010. Still, less is more if you are packing for anywhere from Athens to Moscow. Follow these tips for a seamless vacation experience this summer. Our Experts are here and ready to help you with your next trip, whether you are traveling abroad or in the United States.

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